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21st October 2018 -29th Sunday of the Year B

posted 19 Oct 2018, 11:59 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.

We are deeply, personally and intimately involved in

mission. Our humanity and personality is missionary.

We are, after all, involved in relationship at every turn.

Some relationships more significant than others. Some

relationships fundamental and unavoidable. But every

relationship is missionary. Mission is relationship and

relationship is mission.


The missioner is God the Father. Reaching out to us in

love; his mission is called Jesus. One with us in all but

sin, Jesus returns the compliment and loves the Father

perfectly. This means that we too return the

compliment and love the Father perfectly. Through,

with and in Jesus He is, after all, intimately one of us.

Perfect solidarity! Others, describe all this in terms of

atonement and sacrifice and suffering. The sacrifice

and suffering happens to be the way Jesus mission

works out. He clashed with authorities who thought

they knew better about our humanity, life and religion.

And they had to get rid of him. Hence the suffering and

sacrifice. Mission is expensive in terms of self-

sacrifice. Relationships are all demanding of our

persons and our humanity. Jesus pays the price for his

total dedication to his relationship with us and the

Father. And we are sharers in the same dynamic and

life and relationship. Of mission and outreach.


And certainly this will take some of us far afield in

mission, called as we are to serve every need registered

in the human family. Most of us will find our mission

at home, serving the needs of those around us,

supporting those abroad, but being in our own persons,

the Christ of God for others.


And others will say, however they express it, "Sir, we

should like to see Jesus." Because they know our

mission (our way of life) makes sense. Jesus makes

sense. That is why he claims, and rightly so, to be the

way, the only way, the truth, the whole truth and the

life, the fullness of life.