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Sunday 3rd Feb. 2019 - 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

posted 3 Feb 2019, 06:25 by Veronica Yarwood

St John of Beverley Haydon Bridge & St Wilfrid's Haltwhistle



Parish Priest: Father Christopher Warren KILTS, Assistant Priest: Father Peter Stoddart
who reside at St Mary's Church, Hencotes, Hexhamtel 01434 603119

Weekdays. Year I wk 3 Mass Times: HB Sunday 3rd Feb 9.1 Siam Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

11w Thursday 7th Feb 930 am Fourth Thursday of Ordinary Time

JIB Sunday 10 Feb 9.115am Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Confessions Hex Saturday 9th Feb 2ndl 5. l5pm prior to 6pm Vigil Mass, or by request

For further info re Mass times in the Heavenflld Partnership area & other partnership news see https;//wwwheavenfieldpartnership.org.ulklor leaflets at back of church

NB To facilitate the priests getting to Bellinghaun on time, the recessional hymn will be Iumtedto 3 verses


Offertory.-£223.40 Pax Christi: £123.46p; Racial Justice £30.50p.

CAFOD  penny cans are becoming dangerous. If you, wish to continue collecting loose change, please  use CAFOD cardboard boxes available at back of church  and count and bag change before ham to Sunday collection counters


APF Red Boxes. A new coordinator is to help, please speak to Janet Gaughan


Events this month

Sun Feb 3rd 3pm HB Methodist Church 'Messy Church Extra' led by Deacon Anne Taylor and th Bell Family. All welcome, tealcoffee and eakcs awa. (lasting 50mins approx.)

Tues Feb5th 230pm Hw Methodist Lo eBlle I kof Ruth All welcome

Saturday 16" February 12noon at St Mary’s


Partnership Property & Community Review

The first stage is for each parish to carry out a Community Audit looking at: activities & services in community, Contact :HB Maureen Clark, Pat MeMullom, Pat Devlin

Hw John Nixon, Veronica Yarwod, Sheila Moore


Partnership Baptism Preparation.  (01434 603119 or emailstmashexhthrn.plu&com)