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posted 4 Dec 2015, 08:34 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle


 6th Dec. 2nd Sunday of Advent - Bible Sunday

                        Advent Alms Collection


H.B. MASS 9.30a.m. Rev. James Thompson R.I.P.

Hw. MASS 11.00a.m. People of Parish


MON.7th Dec.                    St. Ambrose No Mass


TUES.8th Dec.                    The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Patroness of the Diocese

               H.B. MASS 10.00a.m.  Intention Private


WED.9thDec.                     Weekday of Advent/

St. John Diego Cuahtlatoatzin No Mass


THURS.10thDec.                              Weekday of Advent

Hw. MASS 10.00a.m. Intention Sr. M. Loreto


FRI.11thDec.                      Weekday of Advent/St. Damasus

Hw. MASS 10.00a.m.

Intention Colette & Alistair McRae R.I.P.


SAT.12thDec.                     Weekday of Advent/Our Lady of Guadeloupe  Hw. MASS 10.00a.m.

Intention Kathleen Ruddy R.I.P.




Today                   Hw. Coffee after Mass all welcome

2.30p.m. H.B. Methodist Puppet Show

                              6.00p.m. H.B. Methodist Café-Style Worship

Tues.                     7.00p.m. H/Ham St. Mary’s Penitential Service

Wed.                     3.00p.m. H.B. Messy Church

Thurs.                   11.00a.m. Allendale Allen Valley Churches Tog.

Sat.                        11.00a.m. H.B. Street Nativity



Welcome to all our visitors

Parish Website: www.rcchurchhaltwhistle.co.uk

Diocesan Website: www.rcdhn.org.uk/parishsites.htm


Collections for: 29th Nov.

 H.B. £84; Hw. £111.50p; Youth Ministry £10; St. Cuthberts Care £2;

In Memory of “Winnie” Batey £517; (St. Wilfrid’s £258.50p; Coronary Care Cumberland Infirmary £258.50p)


Hw. Churches T. Advent Carols & Angels

This event was well supported and Rev. Neil Wilson finished the service by blessing the Angels which will grace Haltwhistle and the station and other obvious places with the Christmas message.

See photos on parish website under Christmas Angels.


Hw. Churches Together Prayer Group

Mon. 10.30a.m. Holy Cross church. Praying for local issues, world issues and individual requests; giving thanks for the joys of life. All welcome.

Magazine Rack – Just In

Columban Calendar 2016; Far East; EWTN; St. Patrick’s Missionary Calendar; Africa; Friends of the Holy Land; Calvert Trust;


Hw. Food Bank

Support this local charity during the Christmas festival by donations at Sainsburys for example.


St Wilfrid's Annual Coffee Morning

A Big Thank You to all who contributed and supported this event.


St. Cuthbert’s Church Greenhead

Angel Display by schools; W.I. and Hw. Shops; Youth Club etc.

6th Dec. 12 noon – 3.30p.m.; 13th Dec. 12 noon – 4.p.m. followed by Carol service and Songs of Praise; refreshments. See H/ham Courant.


St. Cuthbert’s Advent Alms Appeal

See poster on Notice Board.


Bible Sunday

This Bible Sunday, celebrate the joy of encountering Jesus through the Scriptures and sharing that experience. 9 out of 10 adults have no regular engagement with the Bible. 45% of children never read or hear Bible stories. The value of the Bible lies in its use. We must use it or lose it. Let’s keep the message of the Bible alive for future generations. Let’s pass it on.


Hw. Christmas Day Special

This venture by the Partnership started last year and due to its success is on this year also at Methodist Hall.

Aim: to have a Christmas style meal with usual trimmings.

Open to everyone, not just those on their own but also families. Doors open from 10.30a.m. – 4.30p.m. Drop in anytime for mince pie, tea and a chat; listen to Queen’s speech with company. Or spend the full day.

Volunteers needed to help on day or transporting those needing that service. Please contact Ellen Walton at Hw. Partnership if possible by Fri. 18th Phone 01434 321242.

P.S. Let her know also any children coming so she can tell Santa.


H.B. A note from Lydia

Christmas shoe box appeal. A combination of full boxes and other contributions meant that we were finally able to send 10 boxes to the Samaritan Purse organization. A big thank you to all to contributed.


Men’s Forum

 Next  meeting 3rd  February 2016. 
Speaker is Mr. Iain Parsons. Talk: "The Way I saw it". 


The Year of Mercy

There are two things we need most at the moment – mercy, and again mercy!” Pope Francis.





Bible Sunday Prayer based on Psalm 19


God, your glory fills the heavens

 and all that you have made bears your mark.

We pray for this creation: we ask forgiveness

 for the ways in which we have disfigured it;

we pray for those who cannot enjoy the warm sun

 or the cool night,

 those who are imprisoned or alone

 those who are ill or infirm those who mourn.

Use all of us, our hearts, our hands,

 to bring your wondrous power into their lives.

Let us glorify you, O God.

Let your hymn resound in our lives.












Next Sunday 13th Dec. – 3rd Sunday of Advent

Fr. Jim O’Keefe welcomed at both Masses.