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23rd August 2015 - 21st Sunday of the Year

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FR. LEO PYLE, PHONE: 01434 684265 


23rd August 2015- 21st Sunday of the Year

H.B. MASS 9.30a.m.

Hw. MASS 11.00a.m.

MON. 24th August     St. Bartholomew, Apostle No MASS

TUES. 25th August    Weekday/St. Louis/St. Joseph Calasanz

H.B. MASS 10.00a.m. 

WED.26th August       Weekday/St. Ninian Bp./

Blessed Dominic Barberi   

H.B. MASS 10.00a.m.              

THURS. 27th August St. Monica Hw. MASS 10.00a.m.

FRI. 28th August        St. Augustine of Hippo Bp.

Hw. MASS 10.00a.m.

SAT.29th August        The Passion of St. John the Baptist

Hw. MASS 10.00a.m.                       


Welcome to all our visitors

Diocesan Website: www.rcdhn.org.uk/parishsites.htm

Saint of the Week

St. Aidan Bishop Died 651

Born in Ireland Aidan died at Bamburgh. A monk of Iona founded by St. Columcille he was sent to Northumbria when King Oswald asked for help establishing a monastery at Lindisfarne. He preached the Gospel; founded churches and liberated slaves throughout the kingdom. Venerated for his simplicity and poverty and care of sick and poor.

Asylum Seekers Appeal

Walking shoes men’s/women’s; sleeping bags; snacks for travelling when no food/meal is available. Please leave at back of church.

Hw. Churches Together Prayer Group

Mon. 10.30a.m. Praying for local issues, world issues and individual requests; giving thanks for the joys of life. All welcome.

Diocesan Church Music Workshop

Sat. 19th Sept. St. Mary’s Cathedral 11.00a.m. – 4.00p.m. Details Alison Puris alisonpurvis1@hotmail.com

Holy Father’s Missionary intention for August

That venturing out of ourselves we may learn to be true neighbours to those who find themselves on the margins of human life and society.

Asylum Seekers

Due next Sunday. Collection of tea, tinned meat, and nappies .Thank you for your continual support. justiceandpeacerefugeeproject.com.

Our Eyes

Bodies tire, but eyes are windows to the soul and they are forever eager to see. One of the contrasts between Christianity and Buddhism has to do with the eyes. The Buddhist saint is always depicted with his or her eyes shut, while the Christian saint always has them open. The Buddhist saint has a sleek, harmonious body but the eyes are heavy and sealed with sleep. The Christian saint’s body is wasted to the bone but the eyes are alive, hungry, staring. While the Buddhist’s eyes are focused inward. The Christian’s eyes are staring outwards full of wonder. Ron Rolheiser.

Send Someone Good News this summer.

The term Gospel means Good News – And we all like to hear some Good News.

So why not send some Good News home to friends and family this summer? It’s simple

……. If you’re going on holiday or having a short break this summer, why not say a prayer for a relative or friend (perhaps someone who no longer comes to Mass) or light a candle for them if you visit a cathedral or church …..

….. and then let them know by sending them a postcard, email, text message or tweet that you remembered and prayed for them.

Keep on spreading the Gospel’s Good News!

The Joy of the Gospel

Sun. 6th Sept. Durham Cathedral. An ecumenical event hosted by the Dioceses of Durham and Hexham and Newcastle. All welcome.

St. Wilfrid’s & St. John of Beverley Summer Barbeque

Sat. 5th Sept. church grounds St. Johns. All those wanting tickets please leave their names on list at back of church. Tickets £10.

Includes meat, salad and dessert.

St. Teresa of Avila

Sat. 10th Oct. St. Aidan’s R.C. church Station Rd. Ashington

NE63 8AD. Poster on Notice Board.

Pilgrimage to Avila

25th Oct. – 31st Oct. to celebrate 500th anniversary of birth of St. Teresa of Avila journeying in her footsteps. Contact Dept. of Spirituality Diocesan Office; Phone 0191 243 3302.

World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

Sept. 20th – 26th Theme: Bridges, Not Walls.

Quote of the week:

Are you a human doing; or a human being?

Taking a Break this Summer To hear the whisper Of the Lord, you must Turn down the volume

Of the world.

Find time to disconnect From everything Around you and be Still in His presence.


Next Sunday: 30th August – 22nd Sunday of the Year