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St. Wilfrid's Constitution

St. Wilfrid's
Main Street
NE49 9AQ

Parish Priest: Rev. Leo Pyle.

Telephone 01434 684265

Email www.rcchurchhaltwhistle.co.uk/


The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to support the Parish Priest and move Forward Together in Hope with other churches/ parishes in the Partnership enabling all parishioners to work together and to encourage full participation in the life of the church.

Aims of the PPC should be:

To pray for God’s guidance in that they may be witnesses to the presence of Christ in the Parish community;
To develop a sense of community in the parish;
To foster understanding  and the recognition of the need for change where appropriate.
To plan for the future of the Parish within the Partnership.

To fulfil the aims the PPC will need to promote and organise activities in areas such as:

Christian Formation and outreach, Liturgy and Worship, Ecumenism, Social and Community Activities, Property and Maintenance including Health and Safety, Data Protection Safeguarding, Finance and Administration (currently in St John’s)


Elected membership of the Pastoral Council will be made up from members of the Parish as follows:

  • Chair

  • Vice Chair

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

Co-opted representatives of Parish Organizations/responsibilities from

  • ­­­Property Maintenance + Health and safety

  • Communicatons Ministry     

  • Eucharistic Ministry

  • Domestic Ministry

  • Music Ministry


Councillors responsible for rotas are requested to send them to the communicator to be added to the website.


The Parish Pastoral Council will meet every two months on the first Thursday of the month after morning Mass. All parishioners will be invited. Any issues arising need to be given to a member of the council two weeks before the meeting if it is to be included on the agenda.

There will be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Parish Pastoral Council during the month of May each year to which all parishioners will be invited. At the AGM the Pastoral Council will give a report to the Parish of the Council's activities over the past twelve months.

The Parish Finance Committee will normally provide reports (for information) to the Pastoral Council.

Elections to the Pastoral Council will take place at the AGM. Elected members of the council will normally serve as members of the council for a period of two years.