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14th Jan. 2018 - Second Sunday of the Year B

posted 12 Jan 2018, 11:48 by Veronica Yarwood   [ updated 12 Jan 2018, 11:49 ]


H.B. & 11w.


Us. This is us. This is our life with a capital L. Where do

we live? Let's fill in our particular address by all means, but

what we have in common is, it is the sanctuary of the Lord,

whatever the address. We all live in the sanctuary of the Lord.


The instinct and intuition for homemaking is sacred.

Certainly, if we get it right our guests notice warmth,

welcome and peace. It is after all, the sanctuary of the Lord

revealing and articulating the sounds and sights of his

universe. The tastes and touch of the divine. Templum

Domini, Templum Domini, Templum Domini. It is all the

temple of the Lord.


And then we hear it. Having lived with the sound of

silence all our lives we come to recognise the voice of the

Lord. It is the Lord's silence, resounding and echoing and

communicating, speaking to us, calling us by name. Being

country folk we are twice blessed with this silence and the

larger silence of divinity.


It is all invitation. We are invited to life and the larger life.

We are invited to know that we are one with the Father

through Jesus in his spirit. We are divine. The Lord would

have us see where he is and how he is and would have us

remain with him. Identified. It is every disciples' question,

"Lord, where are you? Lord, where do you live?" And the

answer is always the same. "Come. Come and see."


The coming is the seeing and the seeing is the coming,

always coming to the Lord. We come to awareness. We

come to consciousness. This is the evolution that puts us in

tune with our true self. It is only our true self that can

recognise unity with the one being who is God in Christ.

The unconscious self, the ego, is locked into past and

future, which of course, do not exist. There is only the now

of being who we are and staying with the one who is



It is the Messiah who tells us who we really are and what

we really. are. "You are Simon, son of John; you are to be

called Cephas." (meaning 'Rock-) We listen for the Lord's

naming and teaching. We are members making up the

body of Christ, called to live what we are, now. This is

life. This is our life. This is life as it is meant to be, the

larger life, and life is sweet. Through Christ we are a new

creation shaped in his likeness. Our human nature now

lives with the Father, through Christ, in the Spirit.

7th Jan. 2018 - The Epiphany of the Lord

posted 5 Jan 2018, 11:05 by Veronica Yarwood



H.B. MASS 9.30a.m. People of the Parish

Hw. MASS 11.00a.m. Tony Corbett R.I.P.


MON. 8th Jan.                The Baptism of the Lord


TUES. 9th Jan.                Weekday H.B. MASS 10.00a.m.

        Intention Paul Butler & Family


WED. 10th  Jan.                Weekday H.B. MASS 10.00a.m.

                                         Intention Rev. Hugh Lavery R.I.P.


THURS. 11th  Jan.            Weekday/St. Aelred of Rievalux

        Hw. MASS 10.00a.m.


FRI. 12th  Jan.                   St. Benet Biscop  Hw. MASS 10.00a.m.

            Intention Sr. Mary Benedict


SAT. 13th  Jan.                  Weekday/St. Hilary Hw. MASS 10.00a.m.

                                          Intention Rev. Robert Gowland R.I.P.



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Hw. Prayer Meeting. 7th Jan.

Mon. 10.30a.m. Holy Cross Church. Praying for local issues, world issues and individual requests; giving thanks for the joys of life.

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Thanks to generous donations throughout the year, 40 local aid workers Caritas Bangladesh are distributing emergency aid to families escaping violence in Myanmar. “Now I can cook for myself and feed my children” one grateful mother said.


Hexham Debates 
Sat.  27th  January 2018 (in St Aidan's)
Michael Clarke, Former Director of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Services
Terrorism in Britain: How bad is the problem and how good is the response? 2017 witnessed more terrorist attacks here than at any time in the last 20 years and more are expected. Can we keep this phenomenon in perspective? Has Britain departed from a strictly 'intelligence-led policing' approach and embraced some of the tactics of the 'war on terror’? If so, has it made the problem worse?  

After Fr. Pyles Homily 31st. Dec.

·       If 'ifs' and 'ands' were pots and pans there'd be no work for tinker's hands. Charles Kingsley.

·       "If 'ifs and 'buts' were candy and nuts, wouldn't it be a Merry Christmas?" Anon.


Hw. Coffee Meeting

Today after Mass


The Old Man and the Young

1918 – 2018

So Abram rose, and clave the wood, and went,

And took the fire with him, and a knife.

And as they sojourned both of them together,

Isaac the first-born spake and said, My Father,

Behold the preparations, fire and iron,

But where the lamb for this burnt-offering?

Then Abram bound the youth with belts and straps,

And builded parapets and trenches there,

And stretched forth the knife to slay his son.

When lo! An angel called him out of heaven,

Saying, Lay not thy hand upon the lad,

Neither do anything to him.

Behold, a ram, caught in a thicket by its horns;

Offer the Ram of Pride instead of him.

But the old man would not so, but slew his son,

And half the seed of Europe, one by one.

Wilfred Owen (18 March 1893 – 4 Nov. 1918)








Next Sunday 14th Jan. - 2nd Sunday of the Year

Day of Special Prayer for Peace


7th January 2018 Epiphany of the Lord.

posted 5 Jan 2018, 09:40 by Veronica Yarwood

To ALL people God's favour is being offered to all

people. This is what Epiphany tells us. And we

celebrate the divine favour offered to all people the

world over. It is hardly surprising then that in the 60's

.the Roman Catholic Church broke away from a rigorous

interpretation of the adage: "Outside the Church there

is no salvation." We now declare the possibility of all

people being brought into the compass of the. saving

work of Christ and his Church. Partnership in the

Paschal Mystery is open to all and that mystery is the

saving plan of God for all.

We all struggle with evil, suffering and death. But we

are partners in the Paschal Mystery. We are configured

to the death of Christ and so we go forward strengthened

by hope to the resurrection. All this holds true not just

for us but for all people of good will in whom grace is

active invisibly. Christ died for all. All men are called

to the same destiny and that destiny is divine. So we

must hold that the Holy Spirit offers to ALL partnership

in the Paschal Mystery.

As a Church we declare our regard for the prayerfulness

and good deeds found in other faiths. Think back to

Assisi, October 1986. Pope John Paul met with the

Dalai Lama and other world religious leaders to pray for

peace. The Pope acknowledged PUBLICLY that

people receive salvation through and 1 quote, "the

sincere practice of what is good in their own religious

traditions". So the core doctrine of Islam consists of

five pillars: the profession of the one God, prayer,


pilgrimage, alms-giving and fasting. In his book


Pope John Paul shows an understanding and respect for

Hinduism and other Eastern religions. He states:

"God the Creator wants to save all humankind in Jesus

Christ, the only mediator between God and man, in as

much as he is Redeemer of ALL humankind.

Salvation we know is achieved through helping our

fellow human beings who may be hungry, thirsty,

homeless, naked, sick, imprisoned or anguished in any

way. We ALL share in this salvation offered by the

Holy Spirit by sharing in some way with those in need

around us;

It is in this helping and sharing that we are all configured

to Christ and so pass on to peace on earth and the

fullness of life. The Epiphany of the Lord shows Christ

as the light of ALL peoples. In his name we pray for

peace, respect for human rights, freedom everywhere and

a generous sharing of the world's resources. Our prayer

is our manifesto, our manifesto and resolution for 2048.

And what we pray we do!

31st Dec. 2017 - The Holy Family

posted 29 Dec 2017, 08:29 by Veronica Yarwood

31st  December, 2017 - The Holy Family


It is no accident The Feast of The Holy Family

of Mary, Joseph and Jesus follows the Feast of

The Nativity of Our Lord. It reminds us that we

must not be strangers to one another.

"...the given is union: we are together. Do not

question that. Wife and husband are one. They

are committed to one another and must not pull

away from it.  As long as they keep holding

hands, they can call each other whatever they

want That is a fantastic image of the way God

loves us: God won't let go of our hand"

From 'A Man 's Approach to God' Richard Rohr


Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Communication is the life blood of community

and family. Disintegration follows breakdown

in communication. Do not close any doors.

Relationship depends on openness, being open

to and with one another.


In other words, do not divide the field.. 'Either

or' must become 'both and' if we are ever to see

any kind of maturity in our relationships, if we

are ever to enjoy true dialogue instead of

constant confrontation. Just try using 'and'

instead of 'but' the next time there is a family



The human family, the Christian family, the

church has to be big enough to compass and

enfold all our difference. The door closers, the

field dividers, the 'either or' people and the 'but,

but, but' people are always the greatest threat to

family, whether global, national, communal or

domestic. They cannot cope with difference and

the mystery of the other. To them all we say,

"Do not worry, we are all part of the, self-same



Secondly, it is no accident that the Feast of The

Holy Family followed the Feast of the Nativity

of Our Lord, because Christ was not born in a

vacuum. The Nativity comes to pass in a certain

family, in a certain place, at a certain time It is

called incarnation, our trump card in world

religions and we do not think about it nearly


It does mean, for example, Jesus is not exempt

from the processes of upbringing we all

experience. So where did he learn to speak? In

his family. Where did he learn to tell stories? In

his family. Where did he learn to pray, joiner,

cook and clean? In his family, of course.

"Without Mary's creative mind and mystical

sensibility, Jesus would never have grown into

the awakening where he could inherit his

divinity. (John 0’ Donohoe)


In his family, Jesus experiences strangeness and

intimacy, love and uncertainty. There he learns

about peace and wellbeing. It says much for

Joseph but it is in his family that Jesus learns to

call God, 'Abba, Daddy'. The humanity of God

made man is underwritten, endorsed. and

guaranteed in his family.


Thirdly, it is no accident that the Feast of The

Holy Family follows the Feast of The Nativity

of Our Lord. Like Nativity the Holy Family is

outward-looking and creative, goes beyond kith

and kin and narrow privacy. Jesus is Saviour so

normal family life has to be sacrificed for the

sake of his mission. Let's never romanticise

Mary, Joseph and Jesus. That is to devalue The

Holy Family.


The Holy Family is a family, is a family, is a

family; an ordinary family who live family in an

extraordinary way. They are a 'reach out to the

world' family. They invite us to enlarge the

space in our hearts and our heads, to recognise

and be responsible for our global village.


So through our reflection on The Holy Family,

we may come to see, "There is no such thing as

other people's children." There are 400 million

of them in Africa under fifteen years of age. We

look to our continuing commitment to CAFOD.

We know we've got it right. Our mission and

outreach chimes in with the mission and

outreach of The Holy Family. In fact we are

fully paid-up members of that same family of

Mary, Joseph and Jesus.


24th Dec. 2017 - 4th Sun of Advent B

posted 22 Dec 2017, 08:24 by Veronica Yarwood

Don't patronize me! Don't treat me

condescendingly! God's word to David.

David presumes to build a place for God. And

God reminds David, in no uncertain terms, that

there is only one builder, only one patron, one

support and saviour, the Lord.


The Lord gives David and his people, our

forefathers in the faith, their distinguished place

in the history of salvation. The Lord, it is, who

says to our forefathers in the faith, "Your house

and your sovereignty will always stand secure

before me and your throne be established for

ever." (2. Sam. 7:16)


And it is! "Christ yesterday-and today, the

beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega, all

time belongs to him; and all ages, to him be

glory and power, through every age forever."

All signed, sealed and delivered by the Marian

acceptance of a proposal we all know so well.

"Be it done unto me according to thy word."

(Lk. 1.38.)


Mysterious, profound and all utterly human, all

utterly historical. The plan of salvation is a

time, person and place thing. And that makes

all the difference. We are an historical

religion. It all happened in a certain place at a

certain time, it is continuing and will be



This is.... "the way the eternal God wants things

to be." (Rom. 16.27.) So lets not deny the

utter relevance of this "mystery, which was kept

secret for endless ages (and) is now made

clear." (Rom. 16.26.) Lets not deny the

relevance of this mystery to our every breathing



And when they say, "There must be more.

there must be more to life . ...." Tell them, tell

them there is! There is much more. There  is

infinitely more.



There is Jesus, the great, Son of the most High,

our Saviour. Advent-ful, always coming into

our lives in a takeover bid that is personal,

communal, total, saving and fulfilling.


Tell them the Word has chosen to live among us.

Tell them Jesus brings justice to those bowed

down with suffering, defends the poor and the

powerless, turns our jealousies into love, teaches

us to forgive rather than give way to anger and

casts out fear. Tell those who seek to escape

from life that Jesus is hope to live by and

courage to persevere. He is our faith in the

midst of uncertainty and doubt, the vindication

of our hope.


And all this and infinitely more is forever

coming into our lives. Riches indeed! As St.

Paul reminds us "In him (Christ) are hidden all

the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Ours

for the receiving this Advent day and every day.

Ours for the receiving this Christmas- tide, in

season and out of season. Jesus is indeed our



17th December 2017 - 3rd Sunday of Advent B

posted 15 Dec 2017, 06:39 by Veronica Yarwood

(after EckhartToll&s 'A New Earth')

Gaudete Sunday meaning Rejoice Sunday is the

traditional title for the 3' Sunday of Advent.

That is nice we think. Christmas is not far off

after all and we are halfway through Advent



But note Isaiah's word, "I exult for joy in the

Lord". Note Isaiah 's word when he says, "My

soul rejoices in my God". We are into

fundamental issues here. We are into life

transforming issues. So, for example,

"Whatever we cannot enjoy doing, we can at

least accept that this is what we have to do.

Acceptance means: for now, this is what this

situation. . . requires me to do, and so I do it



The peace that comes with surrendered action

because that is what we are talking about, turns

 to a sense of aliveness when we actually enjoy

what we are doing. On the new earth, joy will

replace wanting as the motivating power behind

our actions. "Wanting" arises from the ego's

delusion that we are a separate fragment that is

disconnected from the power that lies behind all

creation. Through joy we dock with that

universal power. Through joy we link into that

universal power. That is how important the

message of Gaudete Sunday is.


There is much more to be said but when we

make the present moment, instead of past and

future, the focal point of our life, our ability to

enjoy what we do - and with it the quality of our

life increases dramatically. Joy is the dynamic

aspect of Being. Joy is the dynamic aspect of



Hence the recurring theme of joy in all our

Christianity. It is not just for the 3 r Sunday of

Advent. "Be happy at all times", writes Paul to

the Thessalonians. Recur it must! Joy really is

the dynamic aspect of God. We are not into

some never, never world of empty optimism.


If we believe in God, we believe in joy and that

joy is enfleshed in Jesus who comes more alive

in us in our every breathing moment. As with

God, with whom we live in conscious loving

union through prayer, so we live in joy. And

now perhaps we begin to see the fundamental

life issue raised for us by Isaiah when he says, "I

exult for joy in the Lord, my soul rejoices in my

God". Is: 61.10. Our God in Jesus is our joy

now and for ever and ever and ever.



10th Dec. 2017 - 2nd Sun. Advent B.

posted 8 Dec 2017, 11:18 by Veronica Yarwood

HB & Hw.


It is Bible Sunday. Bible Sunday reminds us

that the word we share today is a living word.

Bible Sunday reminds us that the word we share

today, is a living word for us now.


And so to Isaiah's "Prepare a way for the Lord"

(Is. 40.3.) and to Mark's "Make his paths

straight" and to Peter's "We are waiting for the

new heavens and the new earth." (2 Peter 3.13.)

we respond, "Yes! Yes!"


We do hear the Advent call loud and clear. We

do hear the Advent invitation to deepen our

lives, live more freely and enjoy greater

happiness. And yes, we are prepared to take the

time and trouble to discover this revolutionary

way of living and enjoy it for ever.


It is the Spirit who gives us the courage and trust

to take our every next step after hearing the

inspired word. The negative voices within and

without, telling us that, there is plenty of time  no

hurry, not take ourselves so seriously, that we

have not got what it takes; to forget it, those

voices are silenced by the Spirit-filled voice of

Holy Scripture. Inspired by the Word we

respond positively. Ready and willing the

revolutionary way is being cleared for us in the

ordinary circumstances of our everyday lives.


Our adventures are many. The road is unsure.

The pain is never very far away. But that is

life. That is the on-going creation. That is

how our renewal comes about. "From the

beginning till now the entire creation; as we

know, has been groaning in one great act of

giving birth; and not only creation, but all of us

who possess the first fruits of the Spirit, we too

groan inwardly as we wait. . . ..to be set free."

(Rom. 8.22, 23.)


We are deeply involved in a spirituality of the

heart. No splitting of body and soul. We are

wholistic not dualistic. Our spirituality

involves the whole me, mind, body and spirit,

just as we are, not as we should be. We join

the child who says, "Please be patient... . . .God

is not finished with me yet! The me that

should be is being discovered and created.

What we do know for certain is that it is

something beautiful for God, by God and in



It is essential that we trust. "The Lord is

coming in power" (Is.40. 10.) "The prize of his

victory is with him." (Ps.84.14) What is

essential is that we let go and allow all this

divine activity to happen for us. What is

essential is that we remain open and vulnerable

and live in the present moment. That is all and

that is enough. Superabundant life follows, just

"what he promised; the new heavens and the

new earth, the place where righteousness will be

at home." (2 Peter 3.14.)


So the sacred is ordinary, our ordinary, which

the Bible tells us is glory-bound. St Paul's

word to the Romans is that glory is our destiny.

"and all mankind shall see the salvation of God"

(Lk.3.6.) It’s all happening. It’s all coming and

becoming is the Advent message. And Christ,

the Word made flesh, is and certainly will be all

and all.

3rd Dec. 2017 - 1st Sunday of Advent, B

posted 1 Dec 2017, 07:08 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.

We are assured of the Lord's steadfast love The

Lord's steadfast love reaches into our present just

as it is. We are urged to recognise that God alone

can deliver us from our present plight. We are

urged to acknowledge the essential place of fervent

prayer in our lives. How else do we bond with our

God and Father?


The very expression of divine Fatherhood lends a

confidence to our relationship. He can and will

redeem this situation in which we find ourselves

Self-confessed sinners, we trust our Father. No

whitewash here Let's face it, there can be no

extenuating circumstances either. We pray the

Lord rend the veil Of his heavenly abode and make

his presence felt. We pray for a new exodus of

salvation. Deliverance is readily within the power

of the Divine Potter as he moulds us to his will.

This Potter is, after all, Father, Father of steadfast

love. This is the truth that makes all the difference.


So our Advent is one of confident expectation even

in the midst of ruin and catastrophe. We are new

exodus people. The new age is dawning. We look

to the day of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Out of an

attitude  of joyful expectancy we are convinced that

the Lord has not abandoned us. He is gathering us

albeit through trial and tribulation into the eternal

kingdom. Ours is a positive view of our story and

indeed, our history. And through it all, Christ is

redeeming and redeemer. So God's gift of

salvation bestowed upon us must show in Spirit‑

filled lives, lived for our brothers and sisters.


So, "keep awake!" Christ our Lord is a coming

Christ. Our Lord is an Advent Christ. If we live

the constantly coming, always available Christ,

then we are prepared and ready for the fulfilment.

Hence our Advent refrain, "Come, Lord Jesus."

Christ has died, Christ is risen.  And Christ will

always come again and again and again, in every

time and person, in every place and thing.



26th November 2017 - Christ the King A

posted 24 Nov 2017, 09:03 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


"I am going to look after my flock myself." (Ezek. 34.11)

Our God cares. God cares deeply for his people and we

are his people. God cares for us. Every hair on our



"The Lord is my shepherd;

There is nothing I shall want." (Ps. 22.1)


So this way the Kingdom is experienced. This way

Kingdom comes, heaven on earth and earth in heaven.

Until Jesus, God's care for us in person, "hands over the

Kingdom to God the Father, so that God may be all in
all." (ICor. 15.28)


Mission accomplished is when all life is made one with

the source of all life. It already is but needs to be

consciously so. That leaves us with the inescapable

imperative: help! Help the needy. It goes back to the

origins of our covenant with our God. Indeed, it goes

back to the origins of our humanity. Creatures created to



Care! Care for the widow, care for the orphan, care for

the stranger. We are meant to be the mirror image of our,

God who cares. Worship without such humanity and

caring is a mockery. We cannot be Christian with our

backs to the poor, whatever their poverty, spiritual or



Nor is it to be a fearful helping of others in order to

avoid a dreadful retribution from God. Rather it is a case

of our getting the point. It is what we are for, for

heaven's sake, we are for caring. We deny our very

nature if we do not care. "I couldn't care less" is a

suicidal expression! A suicide note: 'couldn't care less'.

Caring is Kingship and Kingship is caring. Hence the

caring Kingship of Christ. Jesus Christ is our God's care

for us in person, enfleshed and revealed.


So to reduce our religion to rules, regulations and rubrics

is blasphemy. Religion is life and life is religion. The

sacred is secular and the secular is sacred. We are not

dualists and never have been. It is all one and it is all

about caring. The only imperative! Care for everyone

and everything.

The only God who exists is the God of liberation; the

God who appears at the Exodus liberating his people,

who hears the cry of the oppressed; the God who appears

in Jesus, the friend of the poor, the humble, the despised,

the marginalised. . . so we cannot be Christian with our

backs to the poor.


This solemnity of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Universal

King, brings us out of any grandiose, palatial notions of

royalty. And indeed of Church! Our only authority is to

care like our God and his Christ.


Care and caring is the dynamic of the Kingdom. Hence

the collapse of all the empires founded on self-interest.

Hence the credit crunch! This is the way to global

depression. And the only Church that will survive is a

caring Church. What is more, a Church which cares for

people just as they are, not as they should be. Hence

Youth Sunday and Prisoners' Sunday to mention but two

of our care foci.


Hence our current preoccupation with the Common

Good. This is Kingdom talk. This is Kingdom think.

Others will join a people preoccupied with human

caring. The most effective evangelisation may well be,

indeed, must be, straight forward good, good




19th Nov. 2017 - 33rd Sunday of the Year A

posted 17 Nov 2017, 06:44 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. Hw.


There we have it. True wisdom is perfection.

Wisdom is priceless. Wisdom is confidence.

Wisdom is advantage, benefit and value. There

is no negativity in true wisdom. Wisdom

underpins useful occupation, goo ,4work and

positive activity. It is productive and generous.

There is no deceit or emptiness in wisdom.

Wisdom is praiseworthy and is always its own

reward. And today that is what our Proverbs

reading is saying. We are not into a D.I.Y. "how

to be the perfect wife". It is all about wisdom.


And what is this wisdom? Or rather who is this

wisdom? It is the Lord and the Lord is our

happiness and prosperity. The Lord is our

fruitfulness and our fertility. So we really do

have to get out of the way. We have to let the

Lord be the Lord. Because We are not into

belonging systems and systems of belief which

leave us saying, "I am right and you are wrong"

to our world, so much as the ways of



And the ways, of transformation into wisdom,

life and light are present, now and urgent. The

"Day of the Lord" is now, always now. We

cannot afford to waste time on false scents that

lead to a false self of ceaseless thinking and

consequent emotions.


Do we realise that 93% of our thinking at least is

repetitive and useless. When we say, "I think",

it is about as meaningful as, "I digest". The- true

self is the watcher who recognises our think

babble for what it is and our consequent

emotions for what they are.


The true self is a self of light. We children of

the day, called to consciousness, "do not belong

to the night or to darkness, so we should not go

on sleeping, as everyone does, but stay awake

and sober". (Thess: 5.6).


The vast majority of us are unconscious so we

need to get wise to the truth. "Make your home

in me, as I make mine in you, says the Lord".

The Lord invites us to become prayer, the true

self, allowing God to be God in our lives. Just

like Jesus. By letting God be God in himself,

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and the

seat of true wisdom.



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