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10th Dec. 2017 - 2nd Sun. Advent B.

posted 8 Dec 2017, 11:18 by Veronica Yarwood

HB & Hw.


It is Bible Sunday. Bible Sunday reminds us

that the word we share today is a living word.

Bible Sunday reminds us that the word we share

today, is a living word for us now.


And so to Isaiah's "Prepare a way for the Lord"

(Is. 40.3.) and to Mark's "Make his paths

straight" and to Peter's "We are waiting for the

new heavens and the new earth." (2 Peter 3.13.)

we respond, "Yes! Yes!"


We do hear the Advent call loud and clear. We

do hear the Advent invitation to deepen our

lives, live more freely and enjoy greater

happiness. And yes, we are prepared to take the

time and trouble to discover this revolutionary

way of living and enjoy it for ever.


It is the Spirit who gives us the courage and trust

to take our every next step after hearing the

inspired word. The negative voices within and

without, telling us that, there is plenty of time  no

hurry, not take ourselves so seriously, that we

have not got what it takes; to forget it, those

voices are silenced by the Spirit-filled voice of

Holy Scripture. Inspired by the Word we

respond positively. Ready and willing the

revolutionary way is being cleared for us in the

ordinary circumstances of our everyday lives.


Our adventures are many. The road is unsure.

The pain is never very far away. But that is

life. That is the on-going creation. That is

how our renewal comes about. "From the

beginning till now the entire creation; as we

know, has been groaning in one great act of

giving birth; and not only creation, but all of us

who possess the first fruits of the Spirit, we too

groan inwardly as we wait. . . ..to be set free."

(Rom. 8.22, 23.)


We are deeply involved in a spirituality of the

heart. No splitting of body and soul. We are

wholistic not dualistic. Our spirituality

involves the whole me, mind, body and spirit,

just as we are, not as we should be. We join

the child who says, "Please be patient... . . .God

is not finished with me yet! The me that

should be is being discovered and created.

What we do know for certain is that it is

something beautiful for God, by God and in



It is essential that we trust. "The Lord is

coming in power" (Is.40. 10.) "The prize of his

victory is with him." (Ps.84.14) What is

essential is that we let go and allow all this

divine activity to happen for us. What is

essential is that we remain open and vulnerable

and live in the present moment. That is all and

that is enough. Superabundant life follows, just

"what he promised; the new heavens and the

new earth, the place where righteousness will be

at home." (2 Peter 3.14.)


So the sacred is ordinary, our ordinary, which

the Bible tells us is glory-bound. St Paul's

word to the Romans is that glory is our destiny.

"and all mankind shall see the salvation of God"

(Lk.3.6.) It’s all happening. It’s all coming and

becoming is the Advent message. And Christ,

the Word made flesh, is and certainly will be all

and all.