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10th June 2018 - 10th Sunday of the Year

posted 8 Jun 2018, 06:38 by Veronica Yarwood


The first reading this morning is yet another mirror. We look into it and see our reflection. We see how we hide from God and how He constantly calls us. It is He who takes the initiative all the time. And even when we finally face Him we try to excuse ourselves for being what we are. We pass the buck and say “it was the woman you put with me”, “I never had a chance with my background”; “they never told me”.

We even blame God perhaps, by our emphasis on the “woman YOU put me with. Or perhaps like Eve we blame the serpent.


But as ever and whatever the excuses, God has the last word as He had the first.

The woman’s offspring will crush evil; will beat lovelessness. So that “He who raised the Lord Jesus to life will raise us with Jesus in our turn and put us by His side.


And this is salvation. Not running away from God, or pretending He is not there. No, salvation is in coming clean, admitting our sinfulness, accepting ourselves for what we are. This way God can get at us and the reflection in the mirror changes. We see another Adam, a new Eve given to the service of our fellow men to the point of apparent madness.

We see the “unclean spirit” replaced by the Holy Spirit and this new man seeking only the will of the Father.

We see ourselves identified as Christ’s ‘brother and sister and mother’.