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11th Dec. 2016 - 3rd Sunday of Advent A

posted 9 Dec 2016, 03:51 by Veronica Yarwood

11th Dec. 2016  - 3rd Sunday of Advent, A


H.B. & HW


(After Anthony 0 'Leary, C P - Scripture in Church No 160)


Strange! Very strange! John the Baptist acknowledges Jesus'

superiority and then asks for a statement of identity. Maybe

because Jesus' activity blows the mould of Jewish

expectation apart.. . completely? Whereas speculation

about the Messiah envisaged a new world domination for the

Jews, Jesus seems to be altogether into basic human need;

sight, mobility etc. Jesus is into religious acceptance and

complete transcendence of the Old Covenant. Human need is

the issue as far as Jesus is concerned Jesus' mission knows

no boundaries and exceeds the wildest human hopes. Jesus

overcomes the distance between God and humanity once and

for all. The Incarnate Word addresses our fragile humanity

in the language of human experience.

So Jesus' life journey I reveals God in human form. Jesus' life

journey is a display of the Divine. Jesus - power reaches our

humanity at its weakest where we are able and willing to

accept God's healing touch. The great, universal divine plan

can be seen in the particular fact of this sick person, or that

sinful individual. The ancient prophecy becomes a living

reality in the healing, reconciling miracles of Jesus. God's

plan/will is made a living fact, an actual reality in Jesus

touching and healing and reconciling our broken humanity.


Hence our joy. Gaudete Sunday is our response to the Jesus

who identifies with our every human need. Jesus —joy! We

are transported and transformed by the powerful vision of the

Lord Jesus who is even now, our certain hope for nature

renewed and humanity made fully alive. There is always

great promise with the newborn. There is always hope with

the birth of a child. It's abundance and its fullness of life

give us deep joy and courage. So "the imperative 'to

strengthen weak hands and trembling knees' urges us to be

positive, to take a positive stance." Our optimism is

boundless not because we are starry-eyed dreamers but

because Jesus has died, is risen and will always come again

into our every human need. So we are starry-eyed believers

and Jesus is the star.

Our focus is always on the Lord who comes. His coming is

how he is, always coming, into our lives and loves evermore

fully. He is the deciding factor in all our decisions. He is

true value. He is human dignity. All perfectly

comprehensible since he comes in poverty and embraces our

life to show God to us in a way we can grasp. He is promise

of total wellbeing in full communion with himself, the Lord

of Lords. Our direction is certain, our orientation Godward.

So we are greater, even than John the Baptist according to

Jesus. And we are challenged, challenged with effective

engagement for the betterment of humanity, like Jesus who

comes, our Advent Lord.