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11th June 2017 - The Most Holy Trinity

posted 8 Jun 2017, 12:26 by Veronica Yarwood



"When you surrender to what is

and so become fully present,

the past ceases to have any power.

The realm of Being, which has been obscured by

the mind, then opens up.

Suddenly, a great stillness arises within you,

an unfathomable sense of peace.

And within that peace, there is great joy.

And within that joy, there is love.

And at the innermost core, there is the sacred,

the immeasurable, That which cannot be named."

Eckhart Tolle


That which cannot be named is certainly celebrated.

It is celebrated under the title of the Holy Trinity.

Not that God is out to confuse us. Rather, God

means to confide in us.


In Holy Week Jesus is the focus. At Easter the

Father raises the Son. Pentecost outpours the Spirit.

And now we have denoument and climax. We have

the feast of the Most Holy Trinity. We have the

summation, the truth that carries us through. It is the

pattern and emphasis for all our days. We celebrate

three persons, one divinity, wheeling on for ever in

deepest and ever deeper relationship of love.


"When the scientists of Los Alamos.... code-named

the first Atom Bomb experiment Trinity, they

parabled a stronger truth that the essential fabric of

the Universe is not within nuclei, but in the Divine

Relationship which can never be sundered to our

destruction." We may split the atom but never the



The characteristics of that Divine Relationship, that is

the essential fabric of the Universe, are revealed to

us. We are privileged and we are privy to the

characteristics of God. The seven qualities given us

in our reading from the Book of Exodus, symbolize

abundance and completeness.


God is merciful, gracious, slow to anger, abounding

in steadfast love and faithfulness, keeping steadfast

love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and

transgression and sin. All this reveals a God who is

besotted with us, His people. Our God is a God of

love and care.


We live with divine affirmation. Our God is life

giver, never death dealer. SO far from judging us,

God is aware of what we are made. He knows our

weakness. And the good Father that he is, he cannot

but love. Anything else, any other reaction is a

contradiction in terms, an impossibility. Indeed,

anything else claimed by us for God is blasphemy.

And the Father guides even us into all righteousness.

Quite simply, God makes us all alright.


All this is verified in the Father's gift to us of Jesus,

Jesus who is our salvation and our Saviour in

person. Jesus is a life given for the salvation of the

world. Jesus is the visible face of the God of

compassion who comes and comes again, only to set

us free in mind, body and spirit.


And the force, and the power and the dynamic,

through, with and in all this divinity, Godhead and

Trinity is the Spirit, the Spirit of life and love. And

we are consciously living and loving, with growing

intensity in the name of the Father and of the Son and

of the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever... Amen.