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11th Nov. 2018 - 32nd Sun of the Year Yr. B

posted 9 Nov 2018, 14:17 by Veronica Yarwood


HB & Hw


No woman and mother gives her last morsel to

a stranger without a certain attitude of mind.

No widow gives her last few pence away

without a certain attitude of mind. No one lays

down his life for his friends with out a certain

attitude of mind.


This attitude says that there is more to life than

the self and self interest. It says that life is for

living. Or, paradoxically, life is for dying in the

sense that our lives are given us to give away.

Not just to end it all, you understand, but to

enhance it all and bring our lives to fullness and



As the inspired poet puts it:

"Jar of meal shall not be spent

Jug of oil shall not be emptied

Before the day when the Lord sends

Rain on the face of the earth."


This is the language of completeness and

fulfilment. This is the language of life upon

life upon life, eternal, indestructible life, life as it

is meant to be. Our Psalmist expresses this

fullness of life as justice full blown, satisfaction

and freedom. Our Psalmist expresses this

fullness of life as understanding, vision and

wisdom. The Psalmist expresses the quality of

a life lived to the full and given away as love,

security and total affirmation.


What a mockery, then, to reduce life to long

robes, popularity and pride of place, even if it is

in the name of religion. And what cynicism to

use life to deprive others near or far off of their

just deserts and rights, even if we do spend

hours in prayer.


Life and love are not about left overs and spares.

Life and love are about sharing our last crust,

putting in everything we possess, all we have to

live on, laying down our lives. Life is about

total commitment to life. Its about risk and



Such commitment raises our quality of life onto

a different plain. We excel ourselves. And

there is no man-made measure to gauge such

excellence. We have to admit that" eye hath

not seen nor ear heard" the like. We are into

our supernatural dimension of love and

generosity, of life given away in total

commitment to others.


It is unique, never to be repeated, never needing

to be repeated, a release of power and plenty,

this life of total commitment. It is of a piece

with the sacrifice of the Lord which is once and

for all. Our sacrifice feeds into his, is a part of

his once and for all and final offering which is

powerful to eradicate sin and plentiful in

succour, salvation and unending joy.