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13th May 2018 - 7th Sunday of Easter B

posted 12 May 2018, 13:29 by Veronica Yarwood

HB & Hw.


"We must choose one of these to be a witness to

his resurrection with us" The replacement of

Judas is a matter of urgency. The replacement

must have the knowledge, the knowledge of

Jesus from public ministry to resurrection And

indeed, Matthias the chosen replacement can

witness to Jesus' teaching, his life of love, his

service to those in need and his presence in the

faith community. Matthias was there!


So with the choice of Matthias the tradition is

safe. And we know for certain that not only is

God love, but as Christians we become one with

God when we love one another. The circle of

love is unbroken, God, Jesus, us, others.


The visible reality of God in our world is the

love we have for one another. Jesus is our

model. We have his life as a paradigm,

example and pattern for our loving service of

others. And his love in action is faithful,

generous, forgiving., compassionate, healing,

tender and merciful. To love in this way is to

live in God. This is the knowledge. This is

the tradition, the Apostolic Tradition, vital to

humankind's very salvation. And Matthias

completes the founding twelve, protectors of the

revelation, its formulation and communication.


So God is love. The foundation of our

Christian life is mutual love. Living in love

means that rules and laws are not enough.

Regression, oppression and restrictive mandates

have no place among us, the faith community

guided by love. Openness, listening, dialogue,

trust and respect are the necessary qualities that

should define our life in the Church of the

Apostolic Tradition, all less secure seemingly,

than obeying rules and regulations, but it ensures

our growth and human maturity. As the

mystics remind us, and St. John of the Cross in

so many words, we will be judged on love.


And that all leaves. us squarely in our world of

today. We witness to and communicate our

faith, the Apostolic Tradition in the everyday

moments of our lives, in family, work, school, or

ministry. We search a deeper understanding of

God's will for us in Christ in our different

situations. A contemplative approach to life,

the knowledge of Scripture and Tradition and

our commitment to an appreciation of the full

range of human experience are essential for our

witness to God's love. Speaking the truth in

love, communicating the truth in love, if you

like, provides us with a definition for the

dialogue that must continue in our Church and in

our world.


Pope Benedict links dialogue with solidarity and

peace and goes on to say, "I am confident that

serious efforts to promote, these three steps will

assist the media to develop soundly as a network

of communication, communion and cooperation,

helping men, women and children, to become

more aware of the dignity of the human person,

more responsible, and more open to others

especially the neediest and the weakest members

of society."