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13th November 2016 - 33rd Sunday of the Year C

posted 12 Nov 2016, 10:41 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & 11w.


Imagine the situation! Jesus' companions standing

amazed at the Temple building, all enthusiastic and

lyrical. And all Jesus can say is, "..the time will

come when not a single stone will be left on another:

everything (but everything) will be destroyed". We

can hardly blame any disciple tempted to think Jesus'

comment overly pessimistic. Actually, Jesus'

comment is just the opposite.


The Lord says to his disciples, past and present, "Do

not be frightened". Your architectural heritage may

be levelled before your very eyes, there will be wars,

revolutions, earthquakes, plagues and famines,

fearful and great signs, but "do not be frightened".

Your job is to be a presence in the world. You are to

be a leaven. You are to be community builders.

Builders of an indestructible community. You are to

be first and foremost and always community builders.

Whatever you are, whoever you are, wherever you

are, your task is to build community.


Your persecutors will be those who constantly seek

to divide the field and break down community. The

non-co-operators, the dividers of community who

will only help if all is done their way, your

persecutors will be the them and us brigade. Such

people can only see life in terms of them and us,


vying super powers, employer/worker, east/west,

student/lecturer, child/adult, black/white,

old/incomer, I am right/you are wrong. It's all too

easy to grow cynical over the work of building

community, especially when constantly hounded by

the them and us brigade, the I am right and you are

wrong brigade. Especially when there are fearful

signs all about us, like social unrest, nuclear

potential, vandalism, polluted oceans etc., etc.


Who we may ask, is going to join the Jesus'

community building project in the middle of war,

revolution, earthquake, plague and famine? Far

better buy a few pins and become a punk rocker or

the 2016 equivalent. No one likes to be identified

with a lost cause and so it is easier to escape into


Except that Christian community building is not a

lost cause. It is the one great success story. All other

stories of true success are but a part at best, are but a

feature of the great success story that is Christian

community. This is the one cause that is a sure bet.

Jesus Christ is one with the Father in the Spirit; a

perfect community of which we are a part, tied to

Christ and christened as we are. Our community

password is 'love'. It stands for hard work, self‑

sacrifice and endurance which wins us our lives.


This love is in the world, it is implanted in the

universe in the person of Christ. It's progress is

irreversible. The fuse is alight and will lead to a final

conflagration that is the declared presence of God in

all, when all things will be well. Let us not waste our

energy being frightened by the destruction and death

issues. Let us save our strength for friendship and

community building, the community that is the Body

of Christ.