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14th May 2017 - 5th Sunday of Easter A

posted 14 May 2017, 06:11 by Veronica Yarwood


H.B. & Hw.

Responsibility. And we are responsible. We are responsible

for salvation. That is to say, the delivery of security, freedom

and happiness for all. No longer listeners, we are doers of the

Gospel, working with the Lord of all salvation. There can be

no sleeping partners in the Church, ever. We are family in

company wih Jesus and called to service. No exceptions. No

exemptions1'he formally appointed cannot function without

our recognition, reception and co-operation. We are talking

solidarity. We are talking community and family. The Lord's

way of salvation and transformation for all.


So we build ourselves into that spiritual edifice which is

Christian community and Church. It takes wisdom, planning,

energy, patience and a sense of purpose. It takes shelter,

development and durability. There is no cheap salvation. No

shortcuts. We are here for the long haul. No distractions and

total care. We live the Gospel. We follow the way revealed to

us by the Father. It is living, dying and rising with Jesus in the

Spirit, each in his/her own context and the context of the whole

community. We are in constant receipt of divine revelation.

We give back to God the divine gift of adoration and praise.

And we give thanks to God for deliverance from darkness and

death and deliverance into life and light. Ours is a royal

priesthood. We are managers of our world, God's stewards,

prophets proclaiming the mighty works of the Lord of our



So God calls us into divine light. We receive divine light. We

make our community dwelling into home and temple. Here we

contemplate and live in constant loving union with God. We,

though many, countless even, 'dwell', 'remain' and 'stay' with

our Father through Jesus in the Spirit. From Jesus' departure,

place preparation and return, we understand the paradox. The

Lord stays with us always. Indeed, through death and

resurrection, Jesus is with us, through us, in us and closer to u

than we are to ourselves.


So the universe is our home with our God and Father. Mini‑

mystics and visionaries in faith we may be through God's free

gift but gifts, however sacred and mysterious, are still for

sharing. And called into wonderful, divine light and life, we

are commissioned to move from contemplation to action. To

do Jesus' work and even greater works. "Through Jesus in the

Spirit, the Father ordains us all to co-operate with him in doing

the works" that complete the creation. With the Father,

through Jesus and in the Spirit we are artisans of the new

creation. We realise and fulfil what is innate. As individuals

and community, we fulfil and become all we are meant to be,

in the image and likeness of God. It's our responsibility. And

this is salvation.