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14th Oct. 2018 - 28th Sunday of the Year B

posted 13 Oct 2018, 07:47 by Veronica Yarwood


"I prayed and understanding was given me;" (Wisdom: 7.7)

This understanding is a gradual dawning of the truth. We

come to realise the truth by being prayerful. We come to live

in the power of now.


Raising the mind to God gives us the advantage of an

irreversible power in our lives. A mind-bending operation

unfolds in prayer. So, for example, we begin to look on

persons, places and life situations in a new light. This light is

a divine light and the true light. And we are being



We raise the heart to God in prayer and our whole being is

plunged into divinity. More accurately, we recognise the

divinity that is through us, with and in us.


These claims for prayer may seem extravagant. But this is

what we are involved in when we are prayerful. We let

ourselves go in a sacred environment of life and love, Father,

Son and Holy Spirit. Prayer is God business. And even that

needs an apostrophe: prayer is God's business, as Sr. Wendy

Beckett puts it. We come to prayer in an outburst of the

divinity. God's is the initiative always, even when we think

we have chosen to pray.


Prayer is common to all World Religions. It is the one

common commitment, eagerly expressed in a thousand

cultures of prayer. Prayer is the spiritual instinct of our

common humanity. Spiritual beings as well as physical,

prayer is the oxygen of our human existence.


Prayer is the way to God's pity, love and joy, even in the

midst of total affliction and utter misfortune. The glory,

favour and true success of the Lord are ours in prayer. In

prayer we watch and know that our thoughts and emotions

the stuff of our unconsciousness and ego and false self. In the

sacrament of the now we are true self through, with and in

THE self, the deity.


Prayer reveals the mysteries of the kingdom to those of us who

pray out of our utter dependence on the one, true God. If our

prayer is the prayer of the poor in spirit, ours is the kingdom

of heaven. The judgement is now and the kingdom is ours,



For the rich young man this is the point of departure. Jesus

leads off and says, "Follow me." Follow me in a life of pray

and complete intimacy with the very Godhead. But the

consciousness-raising of a life of prayer is too much. After

all, it means the surrender of our security, control and

certainty. And that is too much for most and certainly for on

rich young man. Securing the future, the rich young man loses

the present and THE presence and the now.


So potential is unfulfilled as is always the case with neglect of

prayer. After all, it means the power lines are down. We are

without the light of life. We are without the warmth of a true

relationship with God and we have no interpersonal

communication with the Father through Jesus in the spirit. We

are in the death zone.


This kind of exposure does not make sense in an adventure of

love and that is what our faith is. It is a passionate thing; it is

not a programme of rules and prohibitions which quickly

degenerate into superstition. When the Lord says, "Come.,

follow me", it is for life and the larger life, now. And there is

only the now.