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15th Jan. 2017 - 2nd Sunday of the Year

posted 14 Jan 2017, 01:31 by Veronica Yarwood

 Yr A


HB & Hw


"I will make you the light of the nations..."

Is.49.0. What an opener!

"I will make you the light of the nations..."

 And what affirmation of us all. The Lord tells

us what and who we are to be. We are to be

"the light of the nations so that the Lord's

salvation may reach to the ends of the earth."


But if we are to be the light of the nations we

need to be enlightened. We need to be

enlightened like Jesus. Jesus enlightenment

comes with the Spirit. Jesus is a Spirit-filled-person

a totally enlightened man and so he is the

light of the world.


The whole experience of Baptism is but the

experience of being Spirit-filled. Baptism does

not make Jesus Spirit-filled. He already is

Spirit-filled. We are not made Spirit-filled at

our Baptism. We already are. Who made

you? God made me. Enough said. God does

not make rubbish. God does not make evil

people. And we are Spirit-filled.


Our Baptism reminds us who we are and how

we are to live in conscious loving union with

God, no past, no future,  just loving

union with God now and there is only now.

This is enlightenment and we need to tell the

world about this, educate the world and even use

words if necessary.


Because the alternative is darkness and insanity.

In the dark we never find out who we really are.

We identify with our minds and thought

becomes compulsive. Not to be able to stop

thinking is a dreadful affliction. We do not

realize this because almost everybody is

suffering from it so it is considered normal.


This incessant mental noise prevents us from

finding that realm of inner stillness and peace

that is inseparable from Being, from God. It

creates a false mind-made self that casts a

shadow of fear and suffering. And we are

possessed, possessed by a false self, possessed

by compulsive thought and the consequent



We begin to be enlightened and set free when

we realize that the false mind-made self is not

me. The thinking me that observes all this is

the true me, the true self. The moment we start

watching the thinker the lights go on, sanity

dawns, darkness recedes and we really do enjoy

a higher level of consciousness.


We come to realize that all the things that really

matter - beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner

peace, being, goodness and God arise from

beyond the mind. Awakening to this is to be

the light of the world and the Lord's salvation

reaches the ends of the earth, and peace, shalom

and total wellbeing.