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16th Dec. 2018 - 3rd Sunday of Advent C

posted 14 Dec 2018, 08:41 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. &Hw.

"What must we do?" (Luke: 3.10) We only know what we

must do if we know who we are. Our innermost sense of

self, our innermost sense of who we are is inseparable from

stillness. This is the "I am" that is deeper than our name.

This is the "I am" that is deeper than our form, male-female,

fat-thin, old-young, rich-poor, black-white, whatever. And

we can all say, "I am who I am."


Now where have we heard that before? The divine name is

revealed to Moses in the same terms". . . God said to

Moses, 'I Am who I Am'." (Exodus. 3.14). "The Lord", as

St. Paul says to the Philippians, "is very near." This is not a

question of proximity. It is all to do with relationship and

identity. It is all to do with who God is and who we are.

Zephaniah expresses it in terms of location. "The Lord your

God is in your midst." This is not divinity present

somewhere in the crowd; this is God through us, with us and

in us. Or maybe we should reverse the expression to: this is

us through, with and in God. This is who we really are.


This is our true self. A far cry from our false self, the egoic

self that searches for security, for power or control and for

esteem and approval. That in turn determines most of our

desires and actions, our ideas and emotions. Enslaved to the

false self and most of us are, we are invited to be our true

selves, to share Our all with all to be honest and just in all

our dealings, "No intimidation! No extortion!" (Luke: 3.12).


We are invited to acceptance and surrender, to contentment

in other words. No more "Why is this happening to me?"

And this is what we must do because we are who we are,

persons in relationship with persons, like Father, Son and

Spirit. It is called divinity and we are into ever "deeper,

more intimate, more reliable, more appropriate, more

delightful relationship" with God and each other.


"The Lord will dance with shouts of joy for you as on a day

of festival" (Zephaniah. 3.18). So all God wants is a

universal party, an infinite 'bash'! No one and no thing

excluded. We are Gaudete Sunday people, a people of

festival and joy because we know who we are, beneficiaries

of the unconditional love of God who is forever giving

herself/himself to us completely. We live with "A feeling of

expectancy" because it can only get better and better as we

know better and better, who we really are. So "why not

accept the largesse of God? And why not allow Christ to be

Christ in us and unfold our lives in union with the ingenuity,

intelligence and healing that is the way and purpose of (the)

Christ?" (Fr. Thomas Keating) This is profound joy and

eternal festival. Gaudete! Rejoice!