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17th January 2016 - 2nd Sunday of the Year

posted 18 Jan 2016, 08:01 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle

H.B. & Hw.

Hopeful possibilities. We are filled with hopeful

possibilities. As with every wedding we are filled

with hopeful possibilities by the wedding feast at

Cana. Bride and Groom celebrate their committed

love publicly. They have to possess the strength

and courage to set out into the future together. (A

bit like our Wise Men from the East and their

journey of hopeful possibilities. Like Jesus after

his Baptism in the Jordan and his mission of

hopeful possibilities.)

And whatever the customs and the culture, the

challenge is universal. The challenge of building a

human family out of the strengths and weaknesses

Of two individuals. So here we are in a world of

hopeful possibilities and universal challenge to

create something beautiful with, in and for God.

The Bridegroom is with us. He pledges his love to

us. His is a bountiful presence in our midst. Grace

and power pressed down and overflowing. The old

order of obeying rules and regulations as servants is

over. "I call you friends", he says. Ours is a new

dignity. Adults and family members. That is us.

We share the new wine of the Spirit. We rejoice in

the freedom of the children of God. For us there is

no ordinary, every day run of the mill. These


waters of the ordinary, every day are. transformed

into the new wine of life in its fullness. Life as it is

meant to be. Grace filled. God filled. Fulfilled.

Mystical. Hence our White Flower Appeal day last

Sunday. Life, human life is precious and sacred

and sacrosanct in its every form and at its every

stage. We cannot compromise on this principle lest

we too adopt the culture of death and despair and

destruction. No. The wine which is for our joy is

taken into our very being and we share the life of

God Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit.

And all this is realised in terms of human company

and companionship, celebration and sharing,

moments ofjoy, moments of embarrassment even,

isolation and the cross. Like Jesus we do not

withdraw from the pain of a sinful and broken

world. Jesus shares the happiness of human love

and commitment. Jesus also endures the betrayal

of Judas and the perversity of his enemies. We are

no different. The fact that God is part of our

broken world gives credibility to the promise that

we will not be abandoned or forsaken. Ours is an

era of hope and great courage. The basis of our

hope and courage is the fact that the Lord is with us

in our brokenness and sinfulness. "Thus we have a

future as full of hope as any bride or groom." We

are all filled with hopeful possibilities now,

possibilities that become certainties.