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17th July 2106 - 16th Sunday of the Year C

posted 15 Jul 2016, 08:54 by Veronica Yarwood


We, sit, we look, we listen. And we welcome and

serve. If we are men and women of prayer we

follow the example of Martha and Mary. It is not

an either/or. It is a both/and. So let us not waste

time on the Martha/Mary debate. Let us recognise

that genuine prayer takes us into welcome and

service and openness to our brothers and sisters in

their every need.


The pattern is already evident in our humanity as

represented by Abraham. It is from an attitude of

composure that Abraham sees and recognises the

Lord in the travellers, who become visitors in need

of refreshment. As with all prayerful response,

there is acknowledgement and reply with a

guarantee of new life. "I shall visit you again next

year without fail and your wife will then have a

son." There is no such thing as unanswered prayer,



Prayer is essentially life-giving, setting us at the

point of concentration of our very, being. We take

the word of God to ourselves and always "yield a

harvest through (our) perseverance." Our prayer is

entry into the "mystery hidden for generations and

centuries.". "The mystery is Christ among (us, our)

hope of glory."


Hence this essential dimension to our lives.

Through prayer we have access to life upon life.

upon life and the Trinity is our horizon and

backdrop. Therein we find the life force and the

cosmic energy that drives the universe. Take time

to listen to the silence and know the sound of God.

Become aware of the stillness and know the

vibrancy of life, so finely tuned as to be

imperceptible except to the sensitivity of prayer.

See the light and know there is only one light in the

whole creation. And He says, "I am the light."

Sense the life force in limbs and lungs and know

the one who is the life. Let us sit and look and

listen and know "It is the Lord."