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17th June 2018 - 11th Sunday of Year B

posted 14 Jun 2018, 12:18 by Veronica Yarwood



So ultimately Ezekiel refers to Jesus. Ezekiel

refers to Jesus and the Kingdom. It is to Jesus

and his Kingdom that we look for perspective

and encouragement so that we can keep on

keeping on. Not just doggedly but hopefully,

certain of the final outcome of eternal wellbeing

in God's Kingdom.


Growth, secret and gradual is the dynamic of the

coming of the Kingdom. We have to be ready

for the long haul, neither expecting spectacular

growth nor discouraged by peoples' slow



Men and women respond to the coming of the

Kingdom in many, many ways. Don't knock

their uniqueness. It is of God. The whole

initiative in the evolution of the Kingdom is.

divine. Kingdom communication has a power

of its own. It grows effortlessly in the hearts of

believers, no stress, no strain, no sweat.


Our Kingdom building and our observation of

the development of the Kingdom can only be

optimistic, even when all seems to be falling

apart. Remember the mustard seed and lets

remember too who teaches the parable of the

mustard seed. It's Jesus. He speaks of secret

growth. He speaks of small beginnings. It is

Jesus who indicates the great future that grows

from small beginnings.


So we are involved in a scenario of small is

great. We need the sharpness of observation

and the sensitivity of heart to appreciate what is

happening all around us. Our future can and

will be great because it is God's work not ours,

though doubtless God will always use us if we

allow it.

We can but pray with the Psalmist,

"It is good to give you thanks, 0 Lord." We

praise and thank God for his plan for each one of

us and for the whole of humanity. Unless our

prayer embraces these two dimensions, the

personal and the universal, we remain



And really it is a great big universe out there.

Let's give our God credit for being a great big

God with great big ideas for

"a Kingdom of truth and life,

a Kingdom of holiness and grace,

a Kingdom of justice, love and peace"

for the whole of humankind, albeit from tiny

beginnings like ourselves, working through,

with and in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.