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18th Sept. 2016 - 25th Sunday of the Year C

posted 18 Sep 2016, 05:07 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B.& Hw.


"Listen to this, you who trample the needy and try to

suppress the poor people. . .". Here we go again, harassed,

worried and troubled by a prophet who knows all about

speculation, exploitation of the poor and weak and sharp

practices of all kinds. Amos is an Old Testament firebrand;

and far worse because he is inspired!

St. Paul, just as inspired, calls us to prayers for peace. And

there we have it, Justice and Peace. We happily settle for th

second. We fondly hope that someone, somewhere will do

something about the first.

Jesus did not settle for peace without justice and we have a

choice to make. Either we are for peace and justice or we ar

not. We know what the choice must be. We know because

Jesus was rich and became poor for our sake. To make us

rich out of his poverty. That is why Jesus admires the

astuteness, enthusiasm and ingenuity of the Steward in the

gospel story. A man who gets his priorities right! Equally,

Jesus bemoans our lack of astuteness, enthusiasm and

ingenuity in our strategies for establishing the values of

Christianity. Jesus bemoans our failure to live by the values

of our Christianity. If it were a crime to be a Christian,

would there be enough evidence to convict any of us?


 So maybe we are better Catholics than Christians? Maybe

we are better worshippers than livers of the truth?

Sacrament- alised rather than evangelised? What a: difference

if we could live during the week what we profess on

Sundays! (And if all this makes you feel uncomfortable,

imagine how I feel.)


Uncomfortable or not, we face the question, "Does what we

say, hear and do here on a Sunday, have any influence on

how we live?" This is the acid test. Maybe we have, after

all, a very narrow view of our religion. Whereas in fact, our

religion is first and foremost for living. It has to be seen in

action in daily life. Just like the Lord!


Jesus showed a genuine and extraordinary interest in folk.

He affirmed them and encouraged them. Made them feel

well! Was for them. Gave them pride and dignity. People

were better for meeting Jesus. "Did not our hearts burn

within us as he talked to us on the road?" Folk said he spoke

as no one else ever spoke.


And there's our example. That is what we are invited to

strive for. God just wants the chance to touch people's lives

through our day to day lives of prayer, work and play. This

divine contact through us moves our world little by little to

the justice of God and his wellbeing that is our peace.