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12th June 2016 - 12th Sunday of the Year C

posted 11 Jun 2016, 05:56 by Veronica Yarwood   [ updated 11 Jun 2016, 06:01 ]

HB & Hw


So the life-giving forgiveness of God lies deep

within our history. The free forgiveness of

God lies deep within the human psyche.

Nathan witnesses to the history in his dealings

with David. That history opens up the treasure

that lies buried in our humanity.


An adulterer and a murderer is assured of God's

forgiveness. Nor does God deal in death

penalties even for capital offence. The

violence loosed by David will feature for ever.

That is the dynamic of human- violence. Of this

our times are sad reminders.


So God has no problem with the sinner when the

sinner can say, confess and admit: "I have

sinned against the Lord." Such a one is

designated "happy" because the Psalmist too

speaks from deep within the human psyche and

its history. "I will confess. . . and you Lord have

forgiven. . .you surround me with deliverance."

The Psalmist is past himself with the ecstasy of

divine mercy. The Psalmist can only say,"

Exult... rejoice, ring out your joy.." And that

is an infinite distance from our knotted, guilt‑

ridden condition, recognized or worse still,

unrecognized and crippling our very existence.


The life-giving forgiveness of God comes into

its own in the New' Testament. Jesus certainly

has no difficulty with sinners, like his friend the

woman with a bad name in the town. Jesus

only has difficulty with people like Simon who

cannot see and admit his sinfulness.


Simon is an either or man. Simon puts

everyone into little boxes and spends his days in

fruitless judgement of others. Simon concludes

that Jesus cannot be a prophet with friends like

this woman. Jesus should know better. And as

for the woman, Simon has already written her



A far cry from Jesus' conclusion, "Her many

sins have been forgiven or she would not have

shown such great love." We are called to line

up with the Jesus' mind. Ours it is to confess


with St. Paul, "I live now not with my own life

but with the life of Christ who lives in me" and

that means forgiven, guiltless and delivered..

Praise the Lord!