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19th March 2017 - 3rd Sunday of Lent

posted 17 Mar 2017, 06:02 by Veronica Yarwood

 HB & Hw.


Three reasons, there are three reasons why Jesus

should  not be talking to the woman at Jacob's

Well. First, she is a woman. Second, she is a

Samaritan. Third, she is a polygamist.

But Jesus is Gospel Man. And Gospel is

dangerous. It takes us where we would rather

not go. It takes us where others would prefer us

not to be.

It is for all nations so Gospel Man speaks every

tongue, embraces every culture, and thinks and

speaks and acts well outside his comfort zone.

Indeed, Gospel Man does not have a comfort

zone. His comfort zone is universal, embracing

every person, place and time.


How easily Jesus moves from buckets and well

depths to the real issues and the deeper stuff, the

things we all want to talk about really but do not

dare. Let us face it, when all is said and done,

just like Jesus and just like the Samaritan

woman we are all thirsty. We thirst for love

and faith.


Jesus is quick to move into Spirit and Truth talk

which transcends all boundaries. Jesus does not

divide the field. Jesus never divides the field

into black white, up down, in out, straight gay,

rich poor, Jew Samaritan. Jesus listens. Jesus

accepts. Jesus plumbs the depths of the rare

treasure in front of him, a lady from Samaria.

And the same goes for all of us. Jesus loves

each one of us individually, warts and all, good,

bad, ugly. Can we really claim to be a follower

of this man?


At Jacob's Well, difference ceases to be

divisive. Samaritan Jew, man woman, married

single, humanity divinity, all are welcome. And

there is communion, intimate communion. And

there is acceptance, total acceptance.


The Lord accepts the woman and the woman

accepts herself. That is the fruit of communion.

Communion is never exclusive, never excludes



Jesus does not send the woman away. She goes

of her own accord, bucketless! She has found a

wellspring within. Now she is Gospel Woman

and just has to tell the Good News.


From Jesus she has experienced no judgement to

deepen the ache of her alienation. From Jesus

she gets no if's and but's. No "I told you so."

From Jesus she just receives liberation and

liberating Good News. Nor does this Samaritan

keep Jesus to herself. Rather, she shares Jesus

with everyone, in deepest humility.


And we come to celebrate the Eucharist.

Clinging to our comfort zones as we all do, we

are sensitive to our divisions. Many feel that

they are not welcome. Strange really when we

all share the Samaritan experience of alienation

and vulnerability. Incomprehensible when the

bread we break and the wine we pour is

precisely for broken people. It is sad, it is very

sad when the most broken are excluded from the



Whose Gospel Word is proclaimed at the

Eucharist?  Is it not Jesus' and he of Jacob's

Well? We are "Body of Christ" and so our

outreach is or should be precisely to the

alienated and those who have become



As Fr. Michael McGrath writes, "The well is

deep, there's enough for everybody, and the

Lord whose presence is gentle and non‑

threatening knows the hidden beauty within us

all.... He still looks for a response to his love."