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1st July 2018 - 13th Sunday of the Year B

posted 29 Jun 2018, 06:35 by Veronica Yarwood


"Death was not God's doing,

He takes no pleasure in the extinction of the living."


God creates us to live and to live to the full. The

creation is good. It is of God. It must be good. There

is no room for negativity and disapproval of God's

handiwork. That's blasphemy. Hades, hell and evil,

call it what you will, is not in control. Despite all

appearances. The God-force, the life force is in charge.

Irreversibly so. And we are made to live as long as

God. Made in his image and likeness. That's us.

That's why we are precious. All of us, no matter what

the creed, colour or complexion. No wonder old Nick

is livid! Envy personified. And all those who walk

with him.


And if we want all this restated in practical terms?

Jesus is the statement in person. Moving out

immediately to a sick child. And even on the way,

curing a lifelong illness. To touch Jesus is enough to

release life-giving power. Never withheld where there

is faith in his Lordship. He is our wellbeing, our peace

and our freedom. Hence the absolute necessity for us to

present ourselves as we rly are. No kid stakes! So

that even when death itself, in whatever shape or form,

seems to have had its wicked way with us, Jesus can

take us by the hand and bid us rise from our failure, our

disappointment, our disillusionment and our sin And

we can walk tall. Our future restored to us by the Lord

of life. We really must forgo any hesitations about our

Lord. No superstitious piety, no hesitations on the

grounds of so called practicality, no supercilious

smirking at the notion of the marvels the Lord can do

for us. He is alive, active and totally on our side.


The least then we can do is to be alive, active and

totally on the side of our brothers and sisters. This is

the only way they will come to know and experience

the generosity of the Lord. He has proclaimed life...

He has proclaimed life through the Good News. We

too proclaim life. We are pro-life because Jesus, our

Lord, is life. His words are spirit and they are life.

Jesus has and is the message of eternal life. Let's not

keep this to ourselves. Let's spread the great Good

News, the message of eternal life who is Jesus. Totally

available to faith.