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20th May 2018 - Pentecost Sunday

posted 17 May 2018, 06:23 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


Today is a festival of grace and gratitude. Today is a celebration

of abundance. We celebrate abundance of life in the Spirit. We

celebrate this abundance of life in the Spirit in I our Mass and



In the Spirit our faith becomes an affair of the heart. Not just the

head. In the Spirit we no longer follow an overly patriarchal

religion. A men only religion! We freely admit the feminine

enrichment of our thinking, speaking and acting.


With life in the Spirit our asceticism and mortification takes on

positive quality. No self-hatred and mutilation but rather

development of physical sensibility. Our disciplines are directed

creativity. Like the musician who practices to produce great

music. Like the athlete who trains to win. In the Spirit we even

rejoice in our God-given passions, directing them blessedly.


Our Spirit-filled God is Father, Mother and child. All things to all.

Our sufferings are but the birth pangs of the universe. Never

divine retribution. Death even, in the Spirit, is but the prelude to

rebirth. Informed by the Spirit, our holiness is openness and

hospitality to life and persons, places and things. Never negative.

Never withdrawal, introversion and individualist, save—my—soul

spirituality. Our quest together is for ever greater perfection an

innocence. Hence our thirst. Our thirst for the Holy Spirit. That

we may grow, expand and be ever young at heart. Ever more

nearly all we are meant to be.


 Our story begins and ends with the Spirit. Our history opens with

God's creative energy and original blessing whom we call the Holy

Spirit. Hence our extrovert spirituality which looks in wonder

upon the cosmos, God's creation and universe. Our prayer feed

on this vast inspiration. So far from seeking signs we live with the

miracle of existence. "It is good (wonder-ful) for us to be here.”


Ecologically sensitive, cosmically aware, so far from fearing the

sciences we recognise our debt to the scientist who teaches us

about our creator. We are not "either/or people". We are

"both/and people", welcoming body and soul. So far from

despising ourselves, we befriend ourselves. Not tightly controlled

selves but yielding to the Spirit of breakthrough, ecstasy and



We are hopeful, not pessimistic. Dancing to the rhythm of creati

we are not elitist but one for all and all for one. Our Spirit-filled

Christ, after all, is the cosmic Christ. The Universalist, our Lord

Jesus Christ, is through, with and in all. And with his gift of the

Holy Spirit, this Pentecost he calls us to our divinity, to fulfil our

potential. We can but repeat in joy and trust, "Come Holy Spirit

fill the hearts of your faithful."