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21st May 2017 - 6th Sunday of Easter

posted 21 May 2017, 11:55 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


Our mission is universal. It is the mission of Jesus.

We proclaim good news to the ends of the earth.

Our message is all inclusive. Baptism is for all, be

it by water, blood or desire. The gift of the Spirit is

innate to humanity, activated and mobilised by

faith. And like Jesus we welcome all, even the

outcast, even the sinner we all are. It is the logic of

divine equality. All are loved by God and all are

Spirit guided. And when all comes to all, "this

diversity of thought, culture, lifestyle and

perspective" is total enrichment. It is God's power

at work. It is the Spirit who blows where she wills,

evoking life upon life, joy and gratitude in all.

Nothing and no one excluded!

Our mission is universal. It is the mission of Jesus.

Jesus' mission is suffering, dying and rising to new

life in the Spirit. Our mission is suffering, dying

and rising to new life in the Spirit. Such is the way

of transformation. We suffer, die and rise through,

with and in Jesus. This reality is integral to a full

life, a whole life and the divine life. It is the cost of

the crown. It is life's rhyme and reason, the innate

pattern, how the dance is danced. We see it in

nature, we see it throughout the creation, the cycles

and the centuries. And we are people of hope, joy

and gratitude in and for this life.


Jesus endorses this vision and good news. He

promises not to leave us orphans. Indeed, he sends

the Spirit of truth. And this is his promise and this

is his return and this is his fulfilment of the good

news. We are not into rewards and punishment

regimes. We are into grace, super-life, freely given

to all, in all times and in all places. It is not so

much a question of the 'where' of life, more a new

consciousness, now. And it is heaven all the way

to heaven.

We now share in the union between Jesus and the

Father. This is why life is precious and good and

worth living, no matter what! We are pro-life. We

share in a bond of love that offers us nothing short

of God's very own life. New relationship!

"Abiding presence of the Lord with us!" How can

we do any other than tell the world about this, be

prophetic and carry out our Jesus mission? It is

joy. It is hope. It is thanksgiving and it is love in

union with God in Christ. What more can we ask?

Our every prayer is already answered. We are

mission people. We are mission Church, through

Jesus, who like us, lives with the Father in the

Spirit now and forever and ever.