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22nd Oct. 2017 - 29th Sunday of Year A

posted 21 Oct 2017, 00:57 by Veronica Yarwood

 HB & Hw


So life is all of a piece. "There is a season for

everything, a time for every occupation under

heaven." (Eccles. 3. 1.) But life is all of a

piece. In its deepest sense, all of it belongs to

God, even when we are busy filling in our tax


And we are challenged. "Render to God the

things that are God's." The Lord says to us,

"Render to God the things that are God's." Our

secular obligation, like our tax returns, but

whatever, stands under and is judged. by a higher

obligation - to recognise the sovereignty of the

Supreme Sovereign, to give what is due to the

greatest Emperor of all.


It is an unexpected way of reminding us of the

first and greatest commandment, "You must do

homage to the Lord your God, him alone you

must serve." (Lk.4.8.) Never mind all our

smart qualifications, mental reservations and

questions! Worship your God from deep; deep



We take the point and it is this, the importance

of worshipping God. The Church to which we

belong is above everything else a worshipping

family, a worshipping community. We reach

our full stature only when we fall on our knees.

We stand straight and walk tall only when we

bow our heads in adoration.


The care of the sick, the struggle for justice, the

needs of the poor, the education of the young are

essential to our mission, but our highest function

on earth is the worship of Almighty God. We

are supremely our true selves when we gather to

celebrate the liturgy, especially the Holy

Eucharist. The Mass is the very summit of our

activity, the apex of our life. The spirit of our

Church finds noble expression in hospital, day

centre and school, but it is to this gathering for

Mass we must look to discover the soul of our



So if we are to be a believing community we

must be a worshipping community. We owe a

special reverence to our God and always will.

Our God, after all, brought us into being. Our

God sustains us through every second. Our

God is Lord of the universe. This God loves us

with an overwhelming love. So much so he

sends his Son to save us.


It is this Son, Jesus, who reminds us of the

importance of worshipping God. Jesus says,

"You must love the Lord your God with all your

heart, with all your soul, with all your strength."

He teaches us to praise God even as we call him

"Our Father". "Hallowed be thy name", he



Mary learns the lesson well. She leaves us with

the ideal formula for adoring God. "... .the

Almighty has done great things for me. Holy is

his name." (Lk. 1.49.)


He that is mighty has done great things for us

too. Let's never lose sight of this fact. Let's

never stop saying it, living it and praying it. Let

our community be a worshipping community,

reaching up and reaching out into the cosmos in

awe and reverence. Lets render to God the

things that are God's, EVERYTHING!


After Joseph Cassidy: These Might Help.