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24th Dec. 2017 - 4th Sun of Advent B

posted 22 Dec 2017, 08:24 by Veronica Yarwood

Don't patronize me! Don't treat me

condescendingly! God's word to David.

David presumes to build a place for God. And

God reminds David, in no uncertain terms, that

there is only one builder, only one patron, one

support and saviour, the Lord.


The Lord gives David and his people, our

forefathers in the faith, their distinguished place

in the history of salvation. The Lord, it is, who

says to our forefathers in the faith, "Your house

and your sovereignty will always stand secure

before me and your throne be established for

ever." (2. Sam. 7:16)


And it is! "Christ yesterday-and today, the

beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega, all

time belongs to him; and all ages, to him be

glory and power, through every age forever."

All signed, sealed and delivered by the Marian

acceptance of a proposal we all know so well.

"Be it done unto me according to thy word."

(Lk. 1.38.)


Mysterious, profound and all utterly human, all

utterly historical. The plan of salvation is a

time, person and place thing. And that makes

all the difference. We are an historical

religion. It all happened in a certain place at a

certain time, it is continuing and will be



This is.... "the way the eternal God wants things

to be." (Rom. 16.27.) So lets not deny the

utter relevance of this "mystery, which was kept

secret for endless ages (and) is now made

clear." (Rom. 16.26.) Lets not deny the

relevance of this mystery to our every breathing



And when they say, "There must be more.

there must be more to life . ...." Tell them, tell

them there is! There is much more. There  is

infinitely more.



There is Jesus, the great, Son of the most High,

our Saviour. Advent-ful, always coming into

our lives in a takeover bid that is personal,

communal, total, saving and fulfilling.


Tell them the Word has chosen to live among us.

Tell them Jesus brings justice to those bowed

down with suffering, defends the poor and the

powerless, turns our jealousies into love, teaches

us to forgive rather than give way to anger and

casts out fear. Tell those who seek to escape

from life that Jesus is hope to live by and

courage to persevere. He is our faith in the

midst of uncertainty and doubt, the vindication

of our hope.


And all this and infinitely more is forever

coming into our lives. Riches indeed! As St.

Paul reminds us "In him (Christ) are hidden all

the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Ours

for the receiving this Advent day and every day.

Ours for the receiving this Christmas- tide, in

season and out of season. Jesus is indeed our