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24th Jan. 2016 - 3rd Sunday of Year C

posted 24 Jan 2016, 02:31 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle

H.B. & Hw.

We really prefer virtual reality.  Our preference is for the

virtual reality of expectation and looking forward to things

and the never, never world  of the future. We prefer to look

forward to things rather than face reality of the here and now.

But it is comforting to hear that a Saviour will come, that a Messiah will come to bring good news to the poor ……. Some day.

 All safely in the future, the stuff of virtual reality. It doesn’t impinge too much on our here and now.

Virtual reality does not make too serious demands and whatever will be, will be.

Today the Lord makes it abundantly clear that he does not

settle for virtual reality. He takes us aback. He puts down

the book and says to us, “These very  words are being

fulfilled among you.” Jesus is saying to us that what we

future It is here and it is now.

hope for is not in the distant .

The Messiah? The Saviour? It is Me and it is now. Right


Nor does the Lord choose to read to us rules, regulations and additional.

instructions  He does not urge us to take on more prayers, fasts and pilgrimages.

 (All very good in themselves).

The Lord offers us generosity and inspiration.

He delivers a message of unity and divine concern for all.

The good news is for all. We form one body, all of us,

Even we marginal people,  the blind the poor and the

captives no matter what our particular form of captivity or

limitation. We are community and we are each other’s

keepers and cosmic keepers. This way, that is-the way of

community and unity lies liberation from all oppression.

And we know it is possible from our real observation and

our actual experience. All our problems are caused by

disunity and community breakdown. This is why we may

not divide the field, ever, in any way. And with God and

through his Messiah all things are possible, even now.


So, now is the time for fellowship, generosity and

participation. Now is the time for communion, close

relationship and sharing. Now is the time for association,

solidarity and community. Now is the time for communion

with God and with one another through Jesus, our Saviour

and Messiah. “It is time for churches to speak out against

the ‘blame game’. Everyone deserves a place to live and

enough money to make ends meet. We believe in the

unique value and dignity of each individual created in the

image of God. Christians are called to stand alongside

those who are excluded; not to judge them.” We are not

playing games. We celebrate our Christian community and

unity, with praise and thanksgiving to God. ‘And together,

we experience the liberation of the Messiah, Our Lord,

Jesus Christ.