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24th Sept. 2017 - 25th Sunday of the Year A

posted 22 Sep 2017, 11:55 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


We are invited into God-think. We are invited to

follow the divine way. So it is compassion and

abounding love all the way. It is justice and identity

with God even now, and there is only the now.


St. Paul is breathlessly succinct when reflecting on

God-think, the divine way, compassion and

abounding love. Paul says quite simply, "Life to me

is Christ." So at the end of the day nothing really

matters and everything really matters. "Life to me is

Christ." That is blessing, peace and glory. No more

to be said.


So human calculations about who among us is the

most deserving are pointless. Such calculations are

the preoccupation of control freaks, the controllers,

those of the egoic mind, always dividing the field,

"them and us".


We are intent on the generosity of God. We do not

"do" envy and jealousy. It is God's world and it is

God's creation, all one vast unity that may not be

divided. All of us are equally dependent on our

creator and redeemer and each one of us is the object

of God's loving freedom who gives as he wishes, to

whom he wishes and in the measure he chooses.


The only response to the infinite generosity of God is

gratitude. We accept our place and we accept our

calling in this world of God's boundless generosity.

It is what it is. We do not compare ourselves to

others. We simply acknowledge that what we are

and have comes from God's mercy and goodness and

we thank God. Giving thanks is the basic ecstasy

and "eucharistia" is the Greek word for



So measuring what is our due is a non-sense exercise.

God is the source of all gifts and God is glorified and

revealed in his gifts ubiquitously. And it is given us

to glorify God and to serve each other. We are God's

gift to one another. Like Our Lord we come to serve

not to be served, happy with our denarius and ready

to return same or give it away to a needy neighbour.


Now that is God — think. This is the divine way. It

is compassion and abounding love, justice and

identity, identity with Our Lord and Master. And

now with Paul we too can say and do say, "Life to me

is Christ."


And that is evangelization. And every Sunday is

Mission Sunday. And every day is Home Mission

day. And "Life to me is Christ."

 (Philippians 1.21) (Scripture in Church 151)