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25th Dec. 2016 - Christmas Day

posted 23 Dec 2016, 08:16 by Veronica Yarwood

 (H.B. & Hw.)


In Jesus, God achieves the perfect synthesis. In

Jesus, God achieves the perfect synthesis of

divine and human. It's what I call the

Emmanuel Code. God is with us. The divine

with the human, the human with the divine. God

gives us the whole vision; divine with human,

human with divine. God assures us that we can

be perfectly at home with this vision. Make the

Emmanuel Code our own. God with us, we with



In the incarnation Jesus demonstrates that God

meets up where we are. The incarnation assures

us that we do not have to leave the world to

know God. We do not have to relinquish our

humanity to know God. All we need to do is to

turn away from evil.


In the birth of the God man we are consecrated,

human divine and divine human This is the

living truth and we are consecrated in the truth.

We are sent. We are sent into our world to live

by the Emmanuel Code. We are sent precisely

to continue the saving pattern of embodiment.


And this is what terrifies some of us, though we

would never admit it. We fear incarnation

because it makes our religion so real. We fear

incarnation because it makes our religion so

particular and so wordly. We prefer to keep

religion to the talk. We hesitate to walk the talk.

"We prefer to keep religion on the level of the

word, yet the Jesus pattern is word becoming

flesh". The great lie is to think that we can be

redeemed without incarnation. We must know

that power is hidden in powerlessness. God is

hidden in a poor baby. And we are saved by

God made man.


Truth to tell we want the spiritual without the

fleshly. We want the cosmic without the

concrete. But if the Word is ever to be loved, if

the Word is ever to be shared, we must risk

embodiment. We have to live by the Emmanuel

Code. And this is always concrete and ordinary.

This is always here and now. It is after all, in

the concrete and in the ordinary, in the here and


now that God is perfectly hidden and perfectly

revealed. And hopefully this Parish lives by the

Emmanuel Code, Happy Christmas to all,

 365 times.