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25th March 2018 - Passion Sunday B

posted 23 Mar 2018, 01:25 by Veronica Yarwood

(Palm Sunday)

H.B.& Hw.


Real experience of our humanity and our

weakness has the power to lead us to total

reliance on God, to let go and let God. Then

we conform to the lifestyle of Servant and

Christ. So God's word informs our speech and

our actions.

The God-gift of humility empties us of self so

that we are overtaken by God's love and grace.

Then we live with the belief that we are being

raised with Christ and we are entering into

glory despite all appearances, now.

Struggle and challenge, success and failure are

the seed bed of our growth in this belief. We

find ourselves doing a Peter and even a Judas

when we abandon Jesus the poor and the

needy. We deny the Lord when we withhold

love. Our commitment lags when we refuse to

stand on the side of justice. With Peter we can

but weep for our sins and capitalise on our

failure by repentance, and reconciliation.


In our constant prayer of praise and

thanksgiving, pain and adversity, we accept

God's will with the Lord Jesus. "Not my Will

but Thine be Done", we pray, not in passivity

but in active engagement. Our God after all, is

always with us despite the seeming emptiness,

abandonment and loneliness and we keep on

keeping on in faith, utter faith, blind faith, just

like the Lord Jesus, with him, through him and

in him.