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25th Nov. 2018 Our Lord, Jesus Christ the King

posted 24 Nov 2018, 08:31 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.

His sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty. There is no

gainsaying this. This is the unalterable fact. The absolute

truth. It's majestic, mighty and powerful. It's immovable,

firm and eternal. Or rather he. He is majestic, mighty and

powerful. Immovable, firm and eternal. Jesus not only bears

witness to the truth. Jesus is the truth. Jesus is Lord, Jesus is



Not that we, are into power politics, multi-nationals and

territorial claims. We are talking about the ultimate power who

sustains the whole creation, the Cosmic Christ. "This is not a

problem-solving Christ, not a denominational or cultural

Christ, not a Christ domesticated by the churches. This Christ

names in his life and person what matters, what lasts and

finally what is. He holds it all together in significance, reveals

the redemptive pattern that we call the life and death of things

and holds the meaning and value of our lives outside of

ourselves!" (Richard Rohr, 'Radical Grace', p. 387)


In tune with the Cosmic Christ we enter the true rhythm of life.

Out of synch we experience discord, dissonance and

discomfort. That deep down contradiction. Never at ease. At

odds with ourselves and others. Babel and pandemonium

where we never get it right.


Whereas our calling is to identity. We are invited to share all

that Jesus is and has. To live life fully in the truth. To serve

and to pray. That's it in a nutshell. To serve and to pray. To

be kings and priests and prophets. What! Me! Yes, you! In

fact that is today's revelation and apocalypse: "He loves us and

has washed away our sins with his blood and made us a line of

kings and priests to serve his God and Father." (Apoc. 1:5-8)


We, like Jesus, are "born for this," come "into the world for

this." That's the truth. To be and do any other is like banging

our head against a brick wall. Only far worse! It's the ultimate

in frustration. There is only one way of life. To live by the

truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the truth is

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Universal King and Cosmic Christ.