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26th August 2018 - 21st Sunday of Year

posted 26 Aug 2018, 11:50 by Veronica Yarwood

HB & Hw

Commitment and freedom. Today we are into

commitment and freedom. In our reading from

the book of Joshua we are into commitment and



The Shechem covenant ratifies the covenant of

our Old Testament fathers in the faith, Abraham

and Moses. This time it takes place in the

Promised Land itself.


No easy ratification of the covenant here. The

Shechem ratification demands a people of

maturity and freedom. What is more Joshua

insists on the difficulty of serving the Lord.

Joshua insists on the demands that the covenant

will make on the people.


The people plead their willingness. The

people plead their willingness to adopt the

covenant anyway. And so all is signed, sealed

and delivered in written form, with the setting up

of a standing stone and by a sacrificial meal.


In our Eucharist we continue to use the language

of covenant. In the Mass we celebrate the

covenant of God's preferential love for us. In

the Mass we renew our free choice and

preference for God. God binds himself-to us

and we bind ourselves to God. We accept the

covenant gift and we accept the covenant

commitment but in total freedom, in the Mass.


In our Eucharist we are called to commitment.

Jesus shares his gifts with us and points us

towards a commitment that leads through

footwashing to death on the cross.

You see our hold on the Eucharist is never so

final that we cannot detect the question of the

Lord "What about you, do you want to go away



This morning we stand with Peter. This

morning we stand with Peter and respond, "Lord

who shall we go to? You have the message of

eternal life, and we believe; we know that you

are the Holy One of God."


And that is our covenant, and that is our

commitment and that is our freedom.