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26th Feb. 2017 - 8th Sunday of the Year A

posted 23 Feb 2017, 11:54 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.

"In times of trial, faith and hope must prevail over doubts

concerning the future." (Lawrence Frizzell) Tell that to the

earthquake victim. Tell that to the Arab nations or any other

nation experiencing the brunt of cataclysmic events, physical,

political or of whatever order.


But tell them we must. "In times of trial, faith and hope must

prevail over doubts concerning the future." The Lord's word to

every man, woman and child ever is, "I will never forget you.'

However, we may only tell the world if we ourselves are very

deeply convinced about divine providence. Like the Psalmist!

His deep down conviction and faith and hope is registered in

his: "In God alone, is my soul at rest." (Ps: 61.6) That is the

source, foundation and very genesis of our wellbeing identified

for us in the words of the Psalmist. Rock, help and stronghold

is the Lord. Security, safety and glory is our God.


Is this inspired faith and hope where we are? Or is there a

question mark over our recitation of Psalm 61? Is there a

stocks and shares distraction even as we recite:

"In God is my safety and glory

the rock of my strength." (Ps: 61.8)

Jesus pulls no punches. "You cannot be the slave both of God

and of money." (Matt. 624) or of any other of humanity's

myriad household gods. There is only one God who is Lord

and Father of us all. This is what Jesus is saying. Nothing and

no one must be allowed to distract, replace, divert, supercede or

supplant the one true God in our lives at any time, in any place

for whatever reason. "In God alone is my soul at rest." (Ps:

16.6) In God alone is my true wellbeing and peace of mind.


Our heavenly Father knows our every need. So we can give

our total commitment and full attention to the kingdom and His

righteousness. In other words, the fullness of love and life.

Love and life after all, are the key to the mystery of our

universe. And love is compassion and life is wellbeing; a

compassion and wellbeing which issue in perfection and glory

And all these dimensions of our belief and religion come

together in the divine providence we call Kingdom and



So when the going gets tough, and not just when the going get

tough, but all the time, faith and hope must prevail. And our

faith and hope is fired in this moment of sharing by words of

utter simplicity, spoken by God to every man, woman and chill

ever. "I will never forget you." This is where we stand, not

the shifting sands of doubtful values and uncertain securities

but rather on the rock, who is our God, stronghold and fortress

safety and strength, refuge and sanctuary. Hence the all

embracing proclamation of faith and hope:

"How happy are the poor in spirit;

theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (Matt: 5.3)