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26th November 2017 - Christ the King A

posted 24 Nov 2017, 09:03 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


"I am going to look after my flock myself." (Ezek. 34.11)

Our God cares. God cares deeply for his people and we

are his people. God cares for us. Every hair on our



"The Lord is my shepherd;

There is nothing I shall want." (Ps. 22.1)


So this way the Kingdom is experienced. This way

Kingdom comes, heaven on earth and earth in heaven.

Until Jesus, God's care for us in person, "hands over the

Kingdom to God the Father, so that God may be all in
all." (ICor. 15.28)


Mission accomplished is when all life is made one with

the source of all life. It already is but needs to be

consciously so. That leaves us with the inescapable

imperative: help! Help the needy. It goes back to the

origins of our covenant with our God. Indeed, it goes

back to the origins of our humanity. Creatures created to



Care! Care for the widow, care for the orphan, care for

the stranger. We are meant to be the mirror image of our,

God who cares. Worship without such humanity and

caring is a mockery. We cannot be Christian with our

backs to the poor, whatever their poverty, spiritual or



Nor is it to be a fearful helping of others in order to

avoid a dreadful retribution from God. Rather it is a case

of our getting the point. It is what we are for, for

heaven's sake, we are for caring. We deny our very

nature if we do not care. "I couldn't care less" is a

suicidal expression! A suicide note: 'couldn't care less'.

Caring is Kingship and Kingship is caring. Hence the

caring Kingship of Christ. Jesus Christ is our God's care

for us in person, enfleshed and revealed.


So to reduce our religion to rules, regulations and rubrics

is blasphemy. Religion is life and life is religion. The

sacred is secular and the secular is sacred. We are not

dualists and never have been. It is all one and it is all

about caring. The only imperative! Care for everyone

and everything.

The only God who exists is the God of liberation; the

God who appears at the Exodus liberating his people,

who hears the cry of the oppressed; the God who appears

in Jesus, the friend of the poor, the humble, the despised,

the marginalised. . . so we cannot be Christian with our

backs to the poor.


This solemnity of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Universal

King, brings us out of any grandiose, palatial notions of

royalty. And indeed of Church! Our only authority is to

care like our God and his Christ.


Care and caring is the dynamic of the Kingdom. Hence

the collapse of all the empires founded on self-interest.

Hence the credit crunch! This is the way to global

depression. And the only Church that will survive is a

caring Church. What is more, a Church which cares for

people just as they are, not as they should be. Hence

Youth Sunday and Prisoners' Sunday to mention but two

of our care foci.


Hence our current preoccupation with the Common

Good. This is Kingdom talk. This is Kingdom think.

Others will join a people preoccupied with human

caring. The most effective evangelisation may well be,

indeed, must be, straight forward good, good