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27th May 2018 - The Most Holy Trinity

posted 25 May 2018, 06:42 by Veronica Yarwood


H.B. & Hw.


Affirmation! We need to affirm one another.

We need to be affirmed by one another.

Affirmation underpins personality.

Unaffirmed we can disintegrate as persons.

The feast of the Most Holy Trinity is a feast -of



The principle of personal affirmation is as

ancient as the Godhead. The principle of

personal affirmation is as new as the most

recent human birth. Our God is after all,

persons in relationship. The Lord of the

universe is after all, revealed in personhood.


We are no strangers to this profound secret of

life. We are part of it, a most intimate part of

this mystery of life and living. "Happy

(indeed), the people the Lord has chosen as his

own." (Ps. 32 v 12) We are his very image.

We are divine lookalikes. We look like the

Lord. We feel like the Lord. We are with,

through and in the Lord.


Hence the non-sense of an epoch of the

privatised, the individual, the anonymous and

the isolated. It is not natural. It is certainly

not supernatural. It is the denial of everything

we are and are meant to be. We are meant to

be persons in relationship, a relationship of

love, like Father and Son and Spirit; identical.


"You received the spirit of Sons (and

Daughters) and it makes us cry out, ', Abba,

Father,". (Rom: 8.15). We can't help

ourselves! "Children of God, heirs and co‑

heirs with (the very) Christ." (Rom: 8.17). Our

nerve endings tingle with the sensation of our

God given personhood.


Hence the popularity of the "Glory be to the

Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as

it was in the beginning is now and ever shall

be world without end". We proclaim that this

is how it is now, always has been and will be

forever for all of us.


And the best service we can offer is to go to

our brothers and sisters and make them

disciples, educate them in the mystery of life

and reality, and tell them that they are persons

in a relationship we call love, in the image and

likeness of Father, Son and Spirit.


In this is the joy of living. In this is eternal

happiness. So let us get our act together,

recognise who we are, what we are for and

how to live life to the full. Let's be conscious,

consciously aware of our loving relationship

with God and each other and the whole

creation. We know it makes sense.