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27th October 2016 - 30th Sunday of the Year C

posted 20 Oct 2016, 13:23 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle

H.B. & Hw.


"The humble man's prayer pierces the clouds." (Ecc 'us:

35). We repeat this word without another thought. We

say, "Thanks be to God" and then it is business as

usual. It makes no difference. It does not transform us.


But when it comes to real power and when it comes to

profound inspiration, this word is vital. It is a life‑

giving word. "The humble man's prayer pierces the

clouds." Because the humble person is the realist. He

is in touch with reality. The Reality. The humble

person has got the message and is truly conscious. "Am

I at ease at this moment?", is a good question to ask

ourselves frequently. Or we can ask: "What's going on

inside me at this moment?" We need to make it a habit

to monitor our mental and emotional state. Be at least

interested in what goes on inside us as what happens

outside. If we get the inside right, the outside will fall

into place. Primary reality is within, secondary reality

without. The humble person is into reality! (Eckhart



Of the earth earthy, the humble person knows the true

self, the watcher, the observing presence and is fully

conscious in a way that most of us are not. We live

through the false self of notions and emotions. It is not

bad, this false self, just is not the true self, not the

observing presence that we are meant to be.


So the humble person knows in his bones, knows at a

cellular level that he is no thing without God. He is

creature, totally dependent on Creator and not so much

as a grease spot without God's gift of life and being and



So it is that humility and creativity go hand in hand.

The realist, the humble one, the watcher lets God be

God through him, with him and in him. His life is one

of endless possibilities, deep peace and joy. "The

humble man's prayer pierces the clouds." The humble

man is prayer. He has got it right and is "at rights with

God". The relationship is right. The dynamic is right,

hence the joy, peace and beauty that attends the true

self, no matter what life throws up.


None of all this is remotely possible for the self‑

righteous, the false self. The false self is off beam,

ruled by thoughts and emotions and lives in the very

opposite of heaven and earth, at best, in a fool's

paradise. All so unlike the man of humility who is

Jesus. Emptied of self, Jesus leaves the vacuum which

God fills totally and then Jesus goes on to save the

world. Jesus lets God be God through him, with him

and in him. He is salvation now!


St. Paul follows his Lord and Master. He writes from a

scenario of desertion and condemnation, an empty self.

"All there is to come now is a crown of righteousness",

the fullness of life, that is, with the Father through Jesus

in the Spirit. Paul is his true self, having emptied

himself of the false self on the road to Damascus, he

comes to see things as they really are and so nothing

can stop his mission thereafter.


United with the Lord, we keep up the good work in all

humility by our missionary effort. Out of our union

with God, Father, Son and Spirit we live the Good

News, proclaim the Good News and where necessary

we use words. Our proclamation is our life and our life

is our proclamation. Out of our complete dependence

on the Lord in thought, word and deed, everywhere and

at all times we celebrate our mission and fulfil our

mission which is our whole purpose, rhyme and reason.