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28th May 2017 - The Ascension of the Lord

posted 26 May 2017, 11:24 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & 11w.

(After Richard Rohr, "Radical Grace" - P.183)


So we are taken to the outskirts of our experience, experience

of awe for example, fear, attitude to the dark, silence, being

alone. There we find blessing. There we find the way to

write our own Bible from experience, our feelings and our

intuition. We may even discover that Jesus is Lord. We may

even discover what it means to say, "Jesus is Lord". This is

certainly the first creed of our Church. It is symbolised by

Jesus "standing on the clouds of heaven". And the feast of

the Ascension is the feast of the Lordship of Jesus.


We do not experience God's power unless we let go and

allow God to be God. We do not experience the Lordship

of God unless we let go and let God. God is not God for us

unless God has primacy. No one else may be first in our

lives, not father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife,

children, job, hobby. They have no right to be first.

"Fortunately, God is willing to wait" until we allow

her/him the primacy in our life and living.


So where do our hearts go when they are free? Wherever

they go, that is our god; for the moment, at least. So how

do we use our time? How do we use our money? Such

questions will come up with the answers as to who our gods

really are. And God, true God that is, waits. "God wait

like a patient but jealous lover," because God is not into

domination. Rather, the true God entices and seduces. And

God is ever so patient.


And the Lord ascends into primacy through our experience,

feeling and intuition. We know from our deepest

experience that there is no other. All the others have

collapsed, let us down or disappeared. We feel it in our

bones, in our deepest depths, those depths entered in the

silence of prayer and all alone. And the greatest intuition

dawns: Jesus is Lord. We say it and we pray it. We

believe it and confess it. Jesus is Lord and has ascended

into primacy. Jesus the Lord is our personal alpha and

omega. There is no other. Jesus is Lord.