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28th October 2018 - 30th Sunday of the Year B

posted 26 Oct 2018, 08:18 by Veronica Yarwood


So how do we cope with the massive wreckage of our

cherished world? We return to a deep theology of suffering

as the basis for the construction of new possibilities and

restoration. We think what seems culturally unthinkable.

We think beyond conventional wisdom and well beyond the

apparent permanence of the recent past. We follow the path

through suffering to hope. We turn difficult experiences into

sources of life.


And we find a very hopeful Jeremiah speaking to us this

morning. He speaks of restoration, smooth journeys and

abundance. This is "new earth" speke.


The Lord is Father of all, on whom he bestows blessing upon

blessing. All a far cry from the doom and gloom we normally

associate with Jeremiah. He enters our English language even

as Prophet Grumpy. Jeremiah then, sees the light at the end of

the tunnel. Exile is not the end of the story for God's people

and we are God's people. Rather, the final outcome. is

complete restoration, "a new earth" to use the apocalyptic



So what bearing does all this have on our present experience?

Just this, that we are a church or community in exile, more

religious than spiritual, it has to be said. We worship the idols

of security, power and certainty and end up in the exile of our

own infallibility. It is the ever recurring experience of idol

worshipping communities.


So Jeremiah's word is music to our ears. There is restoration

and things will never be the same again. There is no going

back. And the restoration is a condition of mind and heart and

will. It is restoration to a right mind, a loving heart and

righteous will; a totally new consciousness, now. And we all

have the power to make a difference. A New Earth begins

with a new me.


We note the restorer. He is one like us. He even takes our

exiled condition on himself and accepts the consequences of

our egoic idolatry. Jesus accepts our condition totally and

deals with it.


In the first place he rejects the security, power and certainty

offered by the Devil or the ego as some would call it and

identifies completely with the Father's will. In this, he

demonstrates where enlightenment and life are to be found.

John has Jesus' say, "I am the Light of the World. . . anyone

who follows me will have the light of life." (John: 8.12). Paul

sums it up differently,". . . Jesus abolished death (all that

false security, power and certainty nonsense) and has

proclaimed life. . ." THE life, the Godhead.


It is amazing, marvelous deliverance from bondage to our ego

and our collective ego, something we never dreamed possible.

 And so we are essentially a people of song, joy and laughter,

deep peace and perfect bliss. Even the heathens themselves

say, "What marvels the Lord worked for them." Our

consciousness is being restored. We need only throw off the

cloak of our exile and blindness, have the courage to come to

the Lord Jesus, tell him what we want, believe in him and then

follow him, now, in the power of now.