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2nd April 2017 - 5th Sunday of Lent

posted 31 Mar 2017, 06:04 by Veronica Yarwood

10th April 2011 5th Sunday of Lent A HB & Hw.

"I shall put my spirit in you and you will live."

Ezek.37.13. - “ it is the Lord who speaks."

This is a powerful word. What is more, it is a

living  word. The Lord is speaking right now.

The Lord is acting and speaking in the now of

our lives. This is the experience that transforms

our hearts and minds, to believe that the Lord

speaks to us everywhere and all the time. For

us religion and life are the same thing. We

cannot put distance between us and divinity

because there is no distance. And there is no

ageing and there is no tiring for people of faith.

God breaks through and stands revealed "in the

now of things".


This is gospel and good news in the present

tense.   It echoes throughout our expanding

universe, even. "The Spirit of him who raised

Jesus from the dead is living in you." writes Paul.

“the Spirit of God has made his home in you."

Rom.8.8- 11.   This is wholeness. This is

holiness. This is life upon life upon life. Hence

our Christian culture of life and resurrection.


So we unbind one another from fear and doubt in

these times of deep fear and ever increasing

doubt. Note this morning's invitation to us all.

"Move the stone away! .... Unbind him and let him

go free." And as we see that the world is bathed

in light, the light of Christ, that is, we allow

others. to enjoy the same seeing - through our

lived life.

Even death itself is but a part of the "Larger

Mystery called life".  This is our faith, this is

the faith of the Church, this is how we see and

understand things. The Spirit of God indwelling

us is immortal and so finally, are we. We live

as long as God!

"I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord;

Whoever believes in me will never die."

Jn. 11:25.26.