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2nd Dec. 2018 - 1st Sunday of Advent

posted 30 Nov 2018, 14:05 by Veronica Yarwood

So what are we to make of all this talk of our futures?

How are we to cope with apocalyptic images and

catastrophic symbols? What we do is: we go for the

essential revelation, the heart of the message. We open

our minds and hearts to the message of consolation and

hope We are not headed for an eternal void and

deathly silence We are into encounter with the creator

and each of us is loved into life upon life upon life

This is what all the waiting is about. Throughout the

human story we have awaited the Christ. We expect,

we hope and we look out for the Christ This is our

Christian condition, evermore ready for, always

expectant, excited even.  We are bubbly, irrepressible

and passionate about what has happened, is coming to

pass and will be consummated through, with and in the

One who comes We are Advent people Please

excuse our irrepressible, restive excitability. We can't

help ourselves! Our lives are Advent lives characterised

by joyful expeótatión.


So our waiting and our expectation is guaranteed

fulfilment. After all, we await the One who has already

come and who walks with us even now. It is a question

of depth and the fullness of life in Christ is limitless,

infinite. There is and always will be more, more life,

more love


 Hence the expression in our tradition of 'life

upon life upon life'. We should add love upon  love upon

love'; but then they are the same. And the Advent Christ

is among us, not only in the Eucharist, in the Word, in

the poor, in the Church but by grace, he lives in our

hearts and in faith we experience this presence.
(Seamus Tuohy. QP.)


So our waiting is not an empty biding of time. In Advent

we do not let time pass. We are evermore spiritually

aware of what is going on all around us; "The Son of

Man is coming ... with power and great glory". "(Our)

liberation is near at hand". The real Christmas rush is

that of the Spirit increasing our love and making us love

one another and the whole human race.

So the words we hear today. . are not directed to

audiences Other than us. These are appeals that we

must heed in the midst of the difficulties and

uncertainties of these times (Jose A. Pagola)


Have an exciting Advent. Be adventurous! "We are waiting in

hope for the blessings of the glorious coming of our Saviour".