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2nd July 2017 - 13th Sunday of the Year

posted 30 Jun 2017, 04:09 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


Hospitality brings new life! For example, a woman of rank entertains Elisha and she end up with a son in her arms despite her husband’s great age.

Hospitality brings new life! We offer hospitality to the prophet Jesus and we are brought new life. The whole pattern of Jesus person, his way and his truth become ours. We are instantly plunged into his death, constantly raised by the Father’s glory and like Jesus; we too live a new life.  Hospitality brings new life!


So there we have it. The facts of new life, governing all of us and full of bring promise.  At once mysterious and yet utterly obvious. “Smile and the whole world smiles with you”. So the hospitality that brings new life has to do with the obvious; catering, accommodation, friendly and generous reception of guests or even strangers, cordiality, courtesy, friendliness, generosity, sociability, warmth, welcome and entertainment. Hospitality is many faceted.

Hospitality is God.


Indeed when we are truly hospitable we must recognise the spark of the divine – certainly when we receive hospitality we are on holy ground.

Friendliness, generosity, sociability, warmth and welcome are evidence of God’s presence.


Let’s not underestimate the experience of hospitality. It is of God. And it takes the eye of faith to recognise and reverence the Holy One in our midst. A simple but revered custom like the grace before meals reflects our deep Christian awareness of our all present, ever attentive God. Even a “goodnight and God bless” stems from a Christian sensitivity to the divine.


Remember Bishop Ambrose’s final word on the phone, “Goodbye and God Bless you”. Prayerful and powerful, releasing the influence of the Godhead, Father, Son and Spirit upon the person blessed. The Christian blessing being enclosed with the power of the divines is a force for good; forever renewed life and for love.


The fruit of hospitality given and received, is new life and the Lord of life and love and hospitality.