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30th April 3rd Sunday of Easter

posted 28 Apr 2017, 13:45 by Veronica Yarwood

 HB & Hw.


"Our own hope had been". It's the expression we

have all used, are using or will undoubtedly use

sooner or later. "Our own hope had been." It may

be a case of personal disappointment. It may be a

case of dashed hopes or lowered expectations and we

respond: "Our own hope had been". Our life story

unfolds with high hopes for Messiah, leader and

freedom, all those golden dreams that die the death,

leaving us feeling let down. And indeed, "Our own

hope had been."


So where do we go from here? To whom do we

turn? What do we do? Rather than do 'cynical',

rather than give up and despair, we go back to the

word. At the invitation of the Lord we go back to

the word. The Lord invites us to reconsider the

inspired word, to hear it again.


But now we listen with different ears. We are

coming at it from a different place, a place of

personal disappointment, perhaps, or dashed hopes

and lowered expectations. We are challenged to

discover what the word of God is really saying to us.


Heavy hearts begin to burn as the truth dawns. At

shared table, whatever its shape or form, in

hospitality and companionship we recognise the

Christ. With new eyes. and renewed hope we turn

back to face the disappointment, dashed hope and

lowered expectation. We face reality! No more

escapism, fantasy and pretence.


We name our disappointment, share with others and

listen to the word. To hear what God is saying about

our situation! We discover where Christ is present,

how Christ is present and that Christ is always

present, no matter what the disappointment, dashed

hope or lowered expectation.


After all, "Was it not ordained that the Christ should

suffer and so enter his glory?" (Lk. 24.26.) The flip

side of disappointment, dashed hope and suffering is

glory. As the Lord says, "This is what I meant

When I said.. .. . .everything written about me. . . .has

to be fulfilled...." And he is opening our minds to