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30th Oct. 2016 - 31st Sunday of the Year C

posted 27 Oct 2016, 13:23 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


With November and All Saints we enter a visionary world.

We behold God's final victory. Sunrise portends resurrection

and paradise. God's seal is our divine protection in uncertain

times. And we are the people of God. We sing the hymn of

God's victory with the whole creation. And all points to

Jesus, Passover Lamb, our protection and triumph in person.

Our song and our psalm is of personal integrity. This is

requirement and entry into Temple and the divine grandeur.

Our justice and honesty towards our brothers and sisters are

environment and melieu of the heaven that is divine presence.

And our procession moves ever onward, to the mountain of

the Lord, the New Jerusalem, an ever deeper penetration of the

divinity. We seek the face of God to "see him as he really is

We grow into our new identity gradually. It takes time to

grow into our identity in Christ. Sons and daughters of God, it

is our life long task to assimilate this new reality and truly to

live it. A purely worldly point of view blinds us to our new,

God-given identity. We fail to recognise Jesus for who he

really is because we see things as we are, not as they really


So we turn our undivided attention to Jesus' promises;

promises which sustain us and strengthen us in times of

difficulty, conflict and opposition. Jesus points out to us the

rewards of humility, generosity, faith, reconciliation and

integrity. Jesus guarantees that our hunger and thirst for right

relationships with God and each other will indeed, be satisfied.

This is the All Saints, November vision and God's final

victory. ". . . despite our best attempts to run away we are still

and forever drawn into the mystery graciously and in ways we

cannot control.. ." And that goes for all of us!