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31st Jan. 2016 - 4th Sunday of the Year C

posted 31 Jan 2016, 09:14 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle

H.B. & Hw.


(After Scripture in Church, No. 169, P. 24)

It is meant for all. The Good News is meant for all. We are

all alright, whatever our religious stance; even if we have no

religious stance! Not easy to take on board. Our instinct is

for 'them and us'. We are into loyalty groups, them 'out' and

us 'in'. And we reduce our God to our own pathetic standards

of love and relationship. Look at the people of Nazareth as a

case in point They are incensed to be told by Jesus that their

being the People of God does not mean that other people are

beyond the pale.

So there is no 'insider status' Jesus makes this abundantly

clear. There is no 'insider status' with God. God loves us all,

is careful of all, merciful to us all. The believer is no more

recipient of God's love than anyone else. So why do we

bother? Because we have the message. And the message

must echo in every human heart. We are committed to the

Gospel truth of God's love, its life-giving power and its

promulgation. We rejoice that God's love is an all-inclusive



If we remind ourselves of nothing else in this Jubilee Year of Mercy,

 Is it not the underpinning of all else that issues from the

Council? In the Council documents, the word 'church' is used

in up to eight different senses. The word 'church' is used for

the community of all people considered simply in their

humanity, to the way we use 'church' of the Catholic church.

The Council Fathers take great care not to identify the Church

of Christ with the Catholic Church. They pronounce not that

the Church of Christ is the Catholic Church. They declare the

Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church. Talking

about the Church in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church,

the Council declares the gifts of grace are found in the other

Churches and Ecciesial Communions. Furthermore, the

Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modem World

recognises that the Spirit of God is at work in all the events of

our history.

So we are not into introspection. We, are not into jealously

maintaining our own privileges. We recognise the loving gifts

of God wherever they are given. We recognise that God is not

confined to our expectations. And so our Psalm is the song of

all humanity past, present and future,

"In you, 0 Lord, I take refuge;

It is you, 0 Lord, who are my hope

my trust, 0 Lord. . ."

(Ps. 70)

The Psalter is humanity's prayer book, however it is sung or