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31st July 2016 18th Sundav of the Year. C

posted 29 Jul 2016, 08:05 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.

Maybe we should think of this Sunday as "old

Fool'Sunday". Just a way of reminding ourselves

to keep our eye on the ball, to read the plot and live

in the real world.


And the real world is God's world. There is no

other. Anything else is vanity and emptiness. We

do not decry worldly wisdom, skill and success by

any means but it all needs to be heading in the right

direction. It needs to be underpinned by the truth,

directed towards our fulfilment in the Lord.


In all our daily preoccupations we “must look for

things that are in heaven where Christ is,  “as St-

Paul puts it. That is where the action is, the

transformation of our very selves. Go for anything

else and we end up facing a void, futility and total

frustration, the black hole of Satan's lie.


Nor can we play the waiting game or any other

kind of game. Jesus, we notice, refuses to get

involved in the inheritance game. He says to the

man in the crowd, "Oh, come on, get real …. a

man’s life is not made secure by what he owns,

even when he has more than he needs"'


In our heart of hearts we know this is true, but we

still build our barns and our bigger barns. This is

our way of life, our culture. We are a bigger barns

culture. And all we succeed in doing is to wreck

the planet, the climate, the fauna and flora,

ourselves and each other. No fool like an old fool

 and we have been very foolish.


So it is time to strip off our old behaviour with our

old selves and put on a new self (no time to waste),

which will progress towards true knowledge the

more it is renewed in the image of the Creator.


In that image we make no distinctions. We do not

divide the field. We are one with God and man and

the whole creation. After all, the truth is "There is

only Christ: he is everything and he is in