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3rd Dec. 2017 - 1st Sunday of Advent, B

posted 1 Dec 2017, 07:08 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.

We are assured of the Lord's steadfast love The

Lord's steadfast love reaches into our present just

as it is. We are urged to recognise that God alone

can deliver us from our present plight. We are

urged to acknowledge the essential place of fervent

prayer in our lives. How else do we bond with our

God and Father?


The very expression of divine Fatherhood lends a

confidence to our relationship. He can and will

redeem this situation in which we find ourselves

Self-confessed sinners, we trust our Father. No

whitewash here Let's face it, there can be no

extenuating circumstances either. We pray the

Lord rend the veil Of his heavenly abode and make

his presence felt. We pray for a new exodus of

salvation. Deliverance is readily within the power

of the Divine Potter as he moulds us to his will.

This Potter is, after all, Father, Father of steadfast

love. This is the truth that makes all the difference.


So our Advent is one of confident expectation even

in the midst of ruin and catastrophe. We are new

exodus people. The new age is dawning. We look

to the day of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Out of an

attitude  of joyful expectancy we are convinced that

the Lord has not abandoned us. He is gathering us

albeit through trial and tribulation into the eternal

kingdom. Ours is a positive view of our story and

indeed, our history. And through it all, Christ is

redeeming and redeemer. So God's gift of

salvation bestowed upon us must show in Spirit‑

filled lives, lived for our brothers and sisters.


So, "keep awake!" Christ our Lord is a coming

Christ. Our Lord is an Advent Christ. If we live

the constantly coming, always available Christ,

then we are prepared and ready for the fulfilment.

Hence our Advent refrain, "Come, Lord Jesus."

Christ has died, Christ is risen.  And Christ will

always come again and again and again, in every

time and person, in every place and thing.