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3rd Oct. 2016 - 27th Sunday of the Year H.B. & Hw.

posted 29 Sep 2016, 12:56 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle

How long, Lord, am I to cry for help

while you will not listen;" And so say all of us.

The prayer of the Church in every place and

time storms the heavens. And things go from

bad to worse, or so it seems. No sign of an

answer to our prayer for the salvation of our


But what kind of salvation are we praying for?

Salvation is conscious loving union with God

and man. Salvation is now. And salvation is

for ever. So we are not into quick fix prayer.

We are not into changing God's mind;  We are

into transforming prayer, the transformation of

minds and hearts, the transformation of persons,

you and me and all of us.      


Hence the Apostles' priority, " Increase our

faith". Faith challenges the impossible because

with God nothing is impossible. With God all

things are possible. And the walls, be they of

Jericho, Berlin or Israel will come tumbling


The blockades and barriers in all our

human relationships, national, international,

religious, social, colour or creed, will be

dismantled; The vision will dawn, Christ all in

all. Man fully alive and for ever.      


It is happening and we are deep in the mystery

of its unfolding. The mystery is the mystery of

the unity of creation so that we may not divide

the field, them and us, black and white, Catholic

Protestant, either or, up down. We are made in

the image and likeness of God and God is three

in one. So are we. Lots of persons in one.


All this we contemplate, emptying ourselves to

create a vacuum which God fills immediately.

We let God teach us the bright new dawn which

is realised in our conscious, loving union with

Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 'This peace and

this is justice, feeding through into our every day

relationships at home and abroad.


Without the contemplative mind we will never

get it right.. We will continue to try to solve our

problems with the same mind that caused the

problems in the first place. It does not work!

We must be transformed if we are to transform

our world. As St. Paul urges, we have to

become new creatures with new minds. That

mind is informed by the Spirit, ".....not a spirit

of timidity, but a Spirit of power and love and

self control."


Through us the Spirit is given scope in our

world. And as this Spirit breathed over the

original chaos to produce the wonder of creation

so the Spirit breathes over our present, hopeless

seeming world and begets a new creation to the

glory of the ever living and ever loving God our

Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There really is no other way.