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4th Dec. 2016 - 2nd Sunday of Advent A

posted 3 Dec 2016, 01:12 by Veronica Yarwood   [ updated 3 Dec 2016, 01:16 ]

H.B. & Hw.

Bible Sunday


You notice we stand to greet the Gospel. You

notice we greet the Gospel with Alleluias.

When we have enough servers we attend the

book with lights. We honour the book with

incense. The reading from the Bible is

announced. Everyone says, "Glory to you,

Lord." And when it is finished we say, "Praise

to you, Lord Jesus Christ." It is as if Christ has

been present in the reading and spoken in

person. The kiss which the reader gives to the

book is a mark of respect and affection which is

not even given to the Eucharist. Clearly what

the whole ceremony emphasises is the

sacredness of the Bible, the whole Bible. It is

one book, and all of it is the word of God.

The word today is of harmony and peace - the

young calf and baby lion feeding together with a

little boy to lead them, while the cow and bear

make friends.
We accept the imagery as

 beautiful poetry but hesitate over the implied

reality, except that this harmony and peace is

of Christ. Paul sees a unity in the whole

economy of God's saving actions which have

been performed for all. Whether one is a Jew

or a Gentile now no longer matters. What is

crucial is that people should treat one another in

a Christ-like manner, accepting difference but

doing everything to avoid splintering into

dividing factions

Let's face it, we splinter and we divide all day

and everyday. It is the way we have been

nurtured and educated, in a culture which always

divides the field and knows no other. It is

always 'either or' with us, never 'both and'. So

it is them and us, black and white, Muslim

Christian, Catholic and Protestant. We even run

our country on opposition politics and believe it

to be an enlightened way of going on. Our

everyday lives are littered with division,

difference and divorce.

You name it we will divide it because we are

dualistic thinkers, all of us. We even divide the

indivisible. And it is like splitting the atom.

Its effects radiate everywhere and for ever.

Speaking of which, atomic weapons are not the

threat. Our dualistic thinking is the threat and

leads to the use of such. And we shoot and we

bomb and we slay and we slaughter, sometimes

with bullets and high explosive, sometimes with

our thoughts, words and deeds. That is us,

controlling, protecting, managing and

manipulating and for ever dividing, all for the

sake of a false self, national, international or


So in the light of the Gospel we make for the

exit. We get out of the dualistic mind. We get

out of the false self and make for the way of the

Lord, the direct route to salvation for all. We

get out of the way and let God teach us the unity

of all his works, the unity of all persons, the

unity all places, the unity of all things. We no

longer divide the field. Then we do no hurt, no

harm, for the country is filled with the

knowledge of the Lord as the waters swell the

sea. This is the word of the Lord, who is

harmony and peace, the Infinite Being and very God.